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Berlin's troubled Brandenburg Airport still in crisis one year after opening

After nearly a decade of delays and billions of euros over budget, Berlin's long-awaited airport, Berlin-Brandenburg, finally opened on October 31, 2020. But turbulence has continued for BER during its first year of operation, with a long list of problems and passenger complaints: lengthy check-in and security lines; confusing layout and signage; cramped, dirty bathrooms; and bacteria found in drinking water, just to name a few. ( Más...

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Greg Cotten 5
Some classical music humor…not quite the Brandenburg “Concerto” they were hoping for!

Thanks to JSB in 1721.
irvmull 3
So much for the German reputation for order and efficiency.

There is a lot of evidence of a worldwide decline in IQ over the past several decades, so I guess we can expect more failures and incompetence in the future.
HP Baumeister 3
Well, a leftist and clearly incompetent major and local government had nothing better to do than close Tempelhof GA airport, followed by TXL, which was much easier to reach. Don’t mean to say that rightist ( or even „centrist“) governments don’t make equally expensive mistakes, but this one clearly had a class warfare undertone (that’s why Tempelhof was the 1st to go).
Now, there is no decent GA option in the Berlin area. What a shame.
skylab72 1
Warum hat die Stadt nicht darauf bestanden, Tegel überschneidend offen zu halten, um eine Einfahrzeit für den neuen Flughafen zu ermöglichen?
SkyAware123 0
Leave it to government to fudge something up so badly...
It’s a new version of pre-clearance. Germans can pass-though an American airport before leaving the country.
HP Baumeister 0
Well, in fairness, not all US airports are like that!
Juan Jimenez -3
German engineering. What a joke. They should simply admit they are not up to the task and turn it over to an US company and US workers. It would be finished lickety-split.
Chris Ryan 3
Like Boeing?
skylab72 2
Or like the "Big Dig", or like Denver International?
Dennis Stockton -1
My "German engineered" body-fat scale had a five-year warranty and failed after three.


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