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Viral Video Shows Woman Smoking Cigarette on a Full Airplane

A video on TikTok showing a woman smoking a cigarette on a Spirit Airlines flight has amassed over 11 million views and 28,900 comments since being posted last week. The passenger, who's been dubbed a "Karen" by the internet, was aboard a crowded early morning flight when she decided to light up. ( More...

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ADXbear 7
Flying anymore is a joke.. I feel better just driving rather than pay for these idiots
Billy Koskie 5
Unless I absolutely have to, I'm not flying anymore. I'll drive. Flying is now a bus full of idiots except the bus has wings.
Cleffer 2
"This has to be Spirit Ai...YEP! IT'S SPIRIT AIRLINES!"

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patrick baker 0
medical science discovered cigarette smoke contributed to lung cancers as a primary cause. That information is public, even Fox news has mentioned it. Medical science has found masks, proper masks worn properly, prevent the spread of droplets from the nose and mouth that when coughed, spread the virus to anyone close by. Fox news has overlooked that . If your selfishness preculudes you from caring if you spread the virus, how do you feel about catching the virus from some equally selfish science-ignorant fellow citizen unmasked?
Cleffer 2
Hey, remember when doctors used to be in cigarette ads telling us to smoke because it was healthly? I mean, I get your point... but just saying.
Coalora 1
Muh Fox News.

Please stop watching so much television, you're harming yourself.
avionik99 -5
I been vaxxed! If you have been too you would follow the real science and not worry so much! Over 90% of the covid in ICU's are UNVAXXED!! Very few if any vaxxed will die from covid making it far less harmful than the regular flu that over 60,000 die from each year that you never cared about before!


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