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Airlines are not prepared for the surge in travelers because they don't have enough planes - or pilots to fly them

Travel is surging in the US and airlines are once again faced with shortages, but it's more than just pilots this time. Many US carriers shed older aircraft from their fleets in a cash-saving effort during the worst times of the pandemic. At the time, vaccines a distant dream and travel demand wasn't expected to rebound for years. ( Más...

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Philippe Leroy 7
Maybe we should stop paying tax payers money to the airlines. They are getting lazy and prefer to sit and collect money instead of flying.
chugheset 1
"Sit and collect money" are you talking about the airlines or those folks on unemployment? Don't forget the airlines had that pesky old lockdown to deal with...
chugheset 1
Well the good news is that today Biden signed an executive order banning unnecessary job licensing requirements. So that pilot shortage out to be cleared up in no time!
Deborah Seigler -3
GOP says Dems are socialists, but we gave airlines millions in tax payer dollars- that’s socialism, but we scream bloody murder when money is provided to help the individual. Proverb or the fear or poverty drives capitalism
jetserf 1
That’s an oversimplification, imo. Had the government not aided the airlines they wouldn’t be here, at least not in any sizable way, when travel was allowed to return.
matt jensen 1
That's been going on for decades


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