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Flight of Boeing E-6B Mercurys amid Trump's coronavirus announcement 'purely coincidental': Strategic Command

Planespotters reported that one Boeing E-6B Mercury was flying off the East Coast and another above Oregon ( Más...

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mbrews 4
- A bit over-dramatic,started by someone tweeting in Hawaii. As far as I know, it's quite common for E-6Bs to operate (near USA coasts) at any time.
El Kabong 2
Either way, so what? The military is doing things all around the world all the time. No big deal.
matt jensen 1
They wanted to be seen on radar - an assurance of safety
mbrews 1
Agreed - some of the DoD aircraft could be trailing extremely long wire antennas. So yes, for safety should be visible to ATC during routine operations, anywhere near commercial air traffic.
linbb 0
There ya go been doing it for years never caught anything so far, ho hum
linbb -1
And how would that do any good as they are tagged with no ID as to what they are only numbers and letters. And yes they are quite common as there was one about two months ago shooting approaches to the Klamath Falls airport.
jeff slack -3
Fox link? I don't think so ........
mbrews -3
Well then, post us some worthwhile material from your beloved Australian Broadcasting Company, near your place. If you had more than the attention span of a squirrel, you'd raed further, to determine the original observation began from a liberal twitter user in Hawaii. You have NEVER posted a single squawk - you merely troll this site with useless snide comments.

jptq63 -1
Wonder if anyone else thought, wow, in the palm of my hands using that rotational analog logarithmic calculator I could communicate to launch a nuclear strike…. Wonder if whoever designated the aircraft E-6B was trying to make a pun of sorts or if it truly is just a coincidence.


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