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Private jet firm is selling social distance-friendly seats between New York and Florida for the price of first class ticket

XO is offering a private jet experience where passengers fly between New York and Florida on a VIP-configured Bombardier CRJ200 for a fraction of the cost of a charter. Passengers only pay for their seat and but still get nearly the full private jet experience. Flights depart from and arrive at private terminals in New York and Florida and in-flight meals and WiFi are complimentary. Private aviation firm XO has created a unique East Coast air bridge this summer that promises the luxury of… ( Más...

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ipaisalman 2
I have been flying with Jetsmarter/XO for years and this a/c is very comfortable.
It works well for social distancing.
ADXbear 3
Now that's the way to fly if ya need too.. but...

The Lavatory needs to be larger to accommodate real ,American sizes..
You of course mean absolutely morbidly obese with a nasty case of IBS.
doublet 1
I’m 5’10” 180lbs.
Fit just fine.
Mark Kanzler 1
I'm 5'8 and 160 Lbs and I find them cramped but usable.
I can't imagine what a 6'2" 21 Lb person must feel like.

I wonder how Football & Basketball players deal with air travel.
frequentflyguy 2
6'5" 270... we learn to do the Limbo...and never sit...
I average 150+ segments a year and NEVER use the head. (And don't drink beer)
RECOR10 -1
Oddly, not my problem nor yours. So, I do not care in the least. Why do you? Travel by air is one of many options.
Spencer Hoefer 2
VIP CRJ200. Must be a completely different experience than flying in a coach configuration in one of those.
julieort 1
Hope this expands to other cities and wondering why other airlines don't offer something like this rather than continue to pack people.


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