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Democrats want John Wayne Airport renamed after 'I believe in white supremacy' interview resurfaces

Democrats in Orange County, California, are done with The Duke, and they want John Wayne's name and likeness stripped from the county's airport. ( Más...

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Mike Mohle 6
IMO, "naming" airports for people is silly and confusing rather than just "Orange County" in this particular case. As pilots we just need to know where it is after all......
bentwing60 3
Then, why not name Mike after his government imposed lat. longs., the social security #? Avoid the confusion for people that don't remember names and their significance. They are not after the names, they are after the culture!

When will they go after JFK and LaGuardia, both named for fairly influential politicos who shared many views but one had a D, the other an R for political affilition.

The tallest 'walls' in the country today are invisible and separate the aisles of the house and senate, and only the Rinos work both sides!
Ric Wernicke 1
It is not silly. All manner of Federal and many other public places, as well as private places are named after those who have made a contribution to society. Airports, p0st offices, public buildings and military bases and ships are named after people. These are not named on a whim, but rather considered and voted by elected representatives. The same has to be true to change or remove a name.

The current practice of pulling down statues that offend by a gang of thugs is straight from Marxist writings to deprive the public of their history and take over the factors of production for the benefit of the few in power with devastating results for the society, and the world as a whole.

Many of us here have flown on Russian aircraft. Wasn't that special? Russians have little knowledge of their history before 1917 because Lenin destroyed it all.

Fifty odd years ago John Wayne gave an long interview to a writer from a men's magazine. The writer took the most thoughtful statements on a major topic of public interest at the time and created the most salacious framework in which to report the ideas. Wayne's ideas were echoing the feelings of right thinking persons at the time. That was that everyone was entitled to equal opportunity, but with the proper preparation and skills for advanced education and jobs.

Look at what is happening today with the pilots in Pakistan. Do you want to be in the same airspace with people that are not qualified to fly the airplane?
dee9bee 1
I don't know why they named the airport for Mr Wayne in the first place. He lived in Newport Beach and despised KSNA. There's a large statue of him in the terminal. Do they plan to rip that down too?
Richard Haas 1
They should name it after F. Scott Fitzgerald. In his later years he spent his afternoons at the Santa Ana racetrack.
matt jensen 1
Add another state we won't be visiting

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Jayden Hakunti 0
what was his contribution to aviation that gets his name on an airport? Phoenix Sky Harbor has a cool sounding name not tied to hatred. why not come up with something better?
Ric Wernicke 3
Guess you never saw "The High and the Mighty."
Jayden Hakunti 1
i had forgotten about that movie.
Martin Weaver -4
Then why do democraps still have their Jefferson/Jackson dinners??? Didn't they own slaves, didn't Jefferson call Jackson a dangerous man? Jackson makes Trump look intellectual, and yet they still worship the direct cause of the Trail of Tears forced migration of the Indians. It just confirms everything I ever knew about democraps.
Craig Harris -5
Should go back to being Orange County, just like Bob Hope should go back to being Burbank. Nobody even remembers who these people are anyway.
Robert Cowling 0
That is a point. I will always call it 'National Airport'. They renamed a major concert venue for an energy company. There aren't many people that use the name of the energy company for that place. That, and someone found a billboard with the old name still on it. A decade after the renaming!

I was born in a military hospital named for a general that gave his life to defend his troops. Works for me.


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