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Airlines follow through on threat to ban passengers who don't wear masks

"So far, there have thankfully only been a handful of cases, but we have already banned some passengers from future travel on Delta for refusing to wear masks on board," wrote CEO Ed Bastian in an memo to Delta employees Thursday. ( Más...

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kwanfam 9
admiralty law applies in airplanes, so no mask no seat period
Lindsay Watts 6
There should be mandatory in Australia as well. Its a no brainer. Wbere a friken mask for until you get your bags and into the car. Too many degenerates out there that wave tbeir stupid civil rights flag. Just look at the death rates in usa you dumbos.
anapides 0
I agree. The left seems more concerned about destroying history than it does in protecting one's health
Sam Ledeeman 6
Flew on Southwest yesterday. Wearing a mask was mandatory and all middle seats were open. Way to go Southwest!
Chris B 6
Good. Too many Karens and whatever the male Karen is called.
Sam Ledeeman 3
My Karen is wears a mask!
Tim Duggan 3
A "male Karen" is called a "Darren". (I don't make this up). A male idiot is called a "Kevin", apologies to all the intelligrent Kevins out there...this "meme" comes from the character "Kevin" from the US version of "Office".
Robert Cowling 17
Good! I don't want to get this because some idiot wants to 'feel free'. Throw them off the plane! See how 'free' they feel then!
brucepelletier5 -1
Wait till the winter.
Robert Cowling 4
The entire US will be closed down by then. And it could have been avoided. IF there was strong leadership and that leadership made the tough choices, we wouldn't be facing a huge spike in cases, and would be able to handle the occasional flareups. Now? The country is burning to the ground. #RealMenWearMasks, #RealWomenWearMasks.
Robert Cowling 5
Look at New Zealand. They had zero cases, and only saw a spike when they open their border again. I know 'common sense' isn't very common, but it's so uncommon in this country that I wonder why people (lemmings) aren't just all throwing themselves off buildings because coronavirus isn't killing them fast enough.

If you want to die, follow what Fox News, and the groups on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc, are telling you. I don't want to throw my life away. People that are getting this are never the same again. I value my future. I hope for a positive productive future. I refuse to throw my future away for this political movement.

This is PUBLIC HEALTH! This is choosing TRUTH over BULL SHIT!
Murray Bennie 0
New Zealand had 12 deaths in the first wave of the virus. Most of these were people in their 80's and 90's and all had underlying health issues. The Lockdown was a disaster for the economy and will take many generations to recover. Employment is at an all time high, and the Government has borrowed billions to keep businesses afloat. Many will never recover once these grants will finish. It will be interesting to see the statistics on suicide's and family violence. The second wave has started. No deaths yet from this second wave and nearly no one wearing a mask. Social distancing not happening and as many cases as the first wave but without the deaths. Ask yourself , why? This is the facts Not BULL SHIT
Murray Bennie 1
I meant unemployment is at an all time high
Eric Hillerton 1
Rubhish. Ther is no second wave in NZ. All cases are returning people quarantined at the border. No community cases for 70 days now. A successful lockdown means the whole economy is open, bars, restaurants - just see the crowds at sports grounds.
Murray Bennie 1
There is a second wave. We had no new cases for a couple of weeks between the first and second wave and we are still in Level 2
patrick baker 5
If American AIrlines and Southwest Airlines lack the moral courage to demand all passengers keep masks on while on board, i will not fly those company aircraft. This pandemic has grown beyond polite issues of discomfort with any mask, exaggerated views of personal rights not to wear a mask; into herd immunity and protection of the herd from ignorant and infected persons.
Brian Hanafee 6
This is a joke. I was on a nearly full American Airlines SFO to DFW flight last week, and a third of the passengers weren't wearing masks at all, another third wearing them incorrectly with noses sticking out the top. Banning single digit numbers of passengers and making a big pretend fuss about it tells me exactly how much American Airlines cares about safety.
Mark Jenkins 5
A business has the right to determine the conditions under which they will serve their customers except where/when government regulations intended to prevent illegal/undesirable discrimination apply. A convenience store can have a policy of "no shirt, no shoes, no service" and refuse to sell goods to customers that are not in compliance. How is an airline that requires the restriction/capture of the flow of possible pathogens during respiration at a time when a significant viral threat exists any less due this right than the convince store? The rule is not discriminatory and is clearly grounded in public health concerns, so it is unlikely to be challenged by the government and may even be required by the government as a condition of operation by the airline. I'm no fan of wearing masks but recognize the value of their use in confined spaces as well as a businesses right to require them. I don't understand how people can argue otherwise since their argument would have to be based on their individual right somehow trumping the business owner's rights. If people are "free" and can't be restricted from acting as they will, then the business owner is as equally "free" as the potential customer and can't be restricted from acting as they will barring the customer from their premise for not following the business owner's rules. No argument about legality of constraints on behavior is necessary.
Robert Cowling 3
Do you live in America?

Courts across the country are overruling governors and health advisors and limiting, or eliminating, stay-at-home and close down orders. Republicans and their Astroturf groups are suing governors across the country and removing all orders they can.

This is NOT a political issue, this is a human health issue. If wearing a mask, and avoiding interaction with others is needed, it should be without question. Do argue differently is putting government on the wrong side of the fiduciary duty of government to protect its citizens. If the government won't protect the health of their citizens, then why have a government. If people won't take the recommendations, and follow them, those people need to be removed from society until they can realize they have no choice. Wear a damn mask.
Edward Bardes 2
The big issue is people believing it's a political issue and refusing to believe otherwise due to distrust in the people trying to prove that it's a public health issue.
Robert Cowling 4
It's people that want to ;prove government is the problem' by spending millions, and in some cases billions, to be IN government, just to muck it up, and 'prove' it doesn't work.

It never ceases to amaze me, during the 'tea party revolution', how so many (republicans) politicians spent millions for a job that pays thousands to prove that government doesn't work. Government used to work. 'Government' built our interstates. 'Government' built our air transport system. 'Government' built and funded our internet. 'Government ' put men on the moon. Government isn't the problem, it's the people that think 'government' isn't giving them enough money for being rich. The current occupant has 'made' MILLIONS of dollars for his family, friends, and his companies. His Ireland gold course has had its only profitable years ever since he has been president, and having traveling Air Force crews stay at his resort has become almost mandatory.

There was a reason why the constitution forbids presidents from making money off of the government, and a reason why the current occupant has fired so many Investigator Generals, since he has occupied the White House. Oh, and why more people have seen his wife's breasts than have seen his taxes.

I'm sure his taxes say a lot about who, and what, he has been dealing with. Huge loans require backing by entities that will stand up and pay for the loan if it's defaulted. Who has been backing all of those loans? Interesting question his taxes would tell. No wonder we can't see them. They would tell an awful lot on what he's been up to.

SO, when Fox News tells you that government is the problem, think of all the people IN government, milking their salary, and FULL BENEFITS, and 'Cadillac Healthcare', all trying to make you believe government is your enemy. It would seem it is, when they are in office...

Wear a damn mask...
Brent Lee 3
Simple...don’t travel by airline.
sharon bias 3
If a company makes a decision to require masks, then they need to follow through and enforce it for all employee's and passengers. It's the "exceptions to the rules" that cause most of our problems. The industry requires that passengers not smoke on planes, and wear seat belts when taking off and landing. Why is wearing a mask any different than these safety requirements?
Brent Lee 2
So, I just won’t fly.
Ed Kostiuk 2
As they should
brucepelletier5 -3
They believe a lie.
Or perhaps you're more than gullible enough to be deceived in not believing the truth..
brucepelletier5 -6
This has nothing to do with covid. The possibly of the United States of America!!!! You guys, people need to read more instead of watching TV, LOL. Look in to the possibility that you are contrary. This is our country...
Robert Cowling 7
You have the right to be stupid. You have the right to refuse medications and medical advice designed to save your life. You DO NOT have the right to endanger others with your stupidity and disregard for your own health. If the recommendations are to 'wear a mask', it's a simple way to protect other people from your stupidity.

Keep your self loathing to yourself. Wear a damn mask!
anapides 1
Please write in English, or proof read what you have written. The virus doesn't care who you are - period
Joao Ponces -1
BASTARDS! Pure Nazis! Do NOT fly with them!!!! There is no law for using mask! For me, for instances, it makes me problems with breading! In a civilized country like this, mask are advised, but you can choose! Keep the minimum distance!
This is a trick for the USA airlines NOT to clean their Air Filter properly and save money.
AVOID to fly, make those morons bankrupt!!!!
anapides 1
It's about minimising exposure to a virus - it's not about control

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Brad Littlejohn 12
Oh, and before you go asking how it is legal, let's put this crap to bed.

The liberty secured by the Constitution of the United States to every person within its jurisdiction does not import an absolute right in each person to be, at all times and in all circumstances, wholly freed from restraint. There are manifold restraints to which every person is necessarily subject for the common good. On any other basis, organized society could not exist with safety to its members. Society based on the rule that each one is a law unto himself would soon be confronted with disorder and anarchy. Real liberty for all could not exist under the operation of a principle which recognizes the right of each individual person to use his own, whether in respect of his person or his property, regardless of the injury that may be done to others. This court has more than once recognized it as a fundamental principle that

"persons and property are subjected to all kinds of restraints and burdens, in order to secure the general comfort, health, and prosperity of the State, of the perfect right of the legislature to do which no question ever was, or upon acknowledged general principles ever can be, made so far as natural persons are concerned."

- Justice John Marshall Harlan, United States Supreme Court

The case was Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905). 7-2 Majority decision.

Your complaint? dead. The airlines have the backing of SCOTUS for what they are doing. Get over it.
Jim Myers 7
Thousands, and thousands, and THOUSANDS of articles? That would be AT LEAST THREE THOUSAND. Care to provide your list? We know that you will not because they don't exist, but I feel the need to call you on it and make you squirm. And don't pull that bullshit of look it up yourself - YOU made this claim, YOU need to back it up. Dotard.
Robert Cowling 1
Fox News.
Actually, it is legal SCOTUS ruled as such.


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