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Pilots and Controller Blamed for Pakistani A320 Crash

AAIB has released the preliminary report on the PIA A320 accident a month after the crash. According to the report, the flight crew failed to extend landing gear, leading to a gear-up landing and initiated a go-around with damaged engines. Investigators also accused the crew of being overconfident. ( More...

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Highflyer1950 13
Not quite sure how you blame the controller on this one? 210 kt over the threshold in anything but the space shuttle isn’t what I call stabilized? This accident happened at 30 miles out with an inept crew?
Eriva 4
The minister was too embarrassed to place the guilt only and squarely on the pilots, whom his dubious ministry issued "licenses" to.
Falconus 6
Perhaps ATC responsibilities in Pakistan are different, but I wouldn't think that it would be the anybody but the pilots' responsibility to extend the landing gear.
Roy Troughton 9
What’s very clear is these two pilots weren’t fit to be in the cockpit.
So true. Since the pilot forgot to deploy the landing gear when he landed, and then took off again...
Tom Bruce 6
as a tower controller we were always watching the planes in the pattern... if visability is good you'd notice something wrong with a plane on short approach.. and identify "no gear" quickly... even in the busiest of times we'd be watching them on approach... don't know what the conditions were on this one... didn't military controllers have to call out "gear down"???...
jptq63 2
Additional article from Reuters titled "Pilots in Pakistan air crash distracted by coronavirus worry, minister says" -- -- has my take the gov't is trying to cover for pilot training / spread blame around, my view. Do understand about a controller calling out gear not down, but give speed and the lack of prior response from pilots, it is not unreasonable to think "hey, ok the dimwits flying that thing finally realize they are coming in to fast and are going around...." I do not know if a controller could have seen a ground strike? No matter what though, the PIC has the responsibility to safely fly AND land the plane, and as described in the articles, this was not happening....
Ron Fletcher 2
When the US forces come to Rockhampton (Queensland Australia) the local tower always asks "Gear Down). Wonder why they ask Military aircraft the question but in Australia it is not common practice to ask civilian aircraft????
Rod Phillips 2
Fyi for military/airforce aircraft landings in Sydney the tower always says "Clear to land check wheels" and the response is "clear to land 3 greens".....
Martin Grieve 2
Don't know if it's related but an RAAF Mirage landed at Tullamarine wheels up many years ago. Perhaps the protocol was initiated as a result of that incident?
Tom Bruce 2
been in effect for decades
There are videos of the crash : the weather was good, the visibility was good.
James Walton 4
Hopefully PIA is no longer allowed to fly into any major airports. Imagine these goons over London, or Manhattan....
Robert Fleury 2
In Canada, in the days I was a Twr and thereafter a TCU controller, the only involvement of ATC related to landing gears was to issue a "check gear down " with the landing clearance. Observing a/c on final approach was not part of the job since it would be a function impossible to perform anyway. Wx, day/night, distance of the final approach area from the twr, a/c landing attitude, name it. Furthermore, and I believe it was the case in this accident, the approach controller often obtains the landing cx from the tower to keep the a/c on his frequency. Especially here, the a/c was kept with TCU since it is obvious the controller was worried about that flight and expected that the pilots (if we can use that term here!) would abandon that approach. A landing cx is not an instruction or an obligation to land, it is only a declaration saying that if you put down on a runway, you won't find any other known traffic or obstacle on it. When someone is so determined to jump of the cliff, don't blame the whole world when he finally succeeds...
I take my hat off to whoever designed the innate strength of those Airbus engine nacelles!

Land, scrape, take off again - not bad, just a shame that the damage to the engines had occurred during the bump. Rest in peace. Mike
Gerard Kelly 1
Can't believe they settled on the runway, SELECTED REVERSE THRUST, and then performed a go around!
Gerard Kelly 1
Many years ago an 'air force somewhere' considered the 'wheels up' problem. At the time the SOP was a/c call 'callsign finals 3 greens'. It was felt by some the call had become automatic without checking, eg from fixed u/c a/c and the occasional landing with no greens following a 'finals 3 greens' call. One suggestion came from a PhD student who knew nothing about flying. He suggested the gear down lights be replaced with random digits. He assumed that no-one actually wanted to land wheels up; his paper was about showing that on asking someone to say a 3 digit number, it was easier to read them off than make them up
Highflyer1950 2
And I seem to remember that Canadian ATC wanted the change to relieve them from perceived liability in a gear up accident. We always used a gear down verbal call by the PF followed by gear down selection by the PNF and a verbal “confirm” from the PF.......absence of this confirmation call from the PF and the PNF would not continue the checklist until one was received and acknowledged.
Many years ago, my younger brother was flying in one of the University Air Squadrons in the UK. St Athan was closed for Runway resurfacing, so they were flying across to Brawdy, over in Pembrokeshire.

RAF Brawdy was mainly accustomed to fast-jet trainers (Hawk), so little brother was amused when Brawdy called up with "confirm undercarriage down and locked".

The response: "Bulldog 45, confirming undercarriage down and welded" merely evoked the laconic response:

"Sorry four-five; continue approach".

RAF ATC - ya gotta luv 'em!
Manoj Ashokan 0
Its obvious both the Pilots didn't follow the SOP.Nor were they compliant to the ATC warnings!As for the ATC,if the Wx was clear,why was the "landing gear up " warning not given?And 210 knots over the threshold,any PIC will go for a Go around without a doubt.Let the experts decide. Yeseterday's news paper reports about 40% PIA Pilots having fake Licences was even more alarming.May the innocent souls who lost their lives RIP.


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