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New Boeing CEO gets $7million bonus to get Max flying

Boeing's new CEO, Dave Calhoun, has a daunting to-do list when he takes the reins at the company's Chicago headquarters on Monday: improving the plane-maker's strained relationships with regulators and airline customers, winning back public trust and getting the 737 Max — grounded for almost a year after two deadly crashes — flying again. ( More...

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Well, what do you expect from an investment manager? Perhaps if you required all board members to obtain at least a Private Pilot Certificate, so they they have some appreciation for what keeps a plane in the air! Nah, the bottom line is always about money, not the point where AGL = 0.
They should cancel the MAX, and retool for the New 757! I still can't understand why the hell the myopic management had the stupid idea of milking the 737 so hard.
Gary Bennett 1
Its called the A-320...
paul trubits 4
$7 million to do your job? He should have to pay Boeing $7 million if doesn't get the Max flying.
The previous putz walks away with $62 million after screwing the pooch, now the guy coming through the door gets a $7 million inducement to violate the poor doggie again. Talk about not learning from the past.
Oh, they learned. They likely decided the problem was they didn't spend enough money trying to cover up the Frankenstein mess the MAX turned into...
Dalton Allen 7
This isn't good encouragement. Try to push 737MAX back to the sky in short time frame just because he wants that $7 million dollars regardless the safety of passengers. Just in my opinion.
SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! Chasing profit was what got them into this hot mess, and damned and determined, they will chase profit again and push that dawn thing out.

If I was dumb enough to take the CEO job, I'd require the MAX go back on the design board, and intensive engineering fix the issues with it. Raise it, put the engines lower, and re-certify the damn thing. Nothing short of a re-certification would convince me it was safe.

At least updating the existing 737's should be easy. They are grouped in the same areas together. Swapping out wing pylons and landing gear would be rather easy. It would go a long way to ensure the flying public would at least feel that the plane was safer.
djames225 2
Not a lot of re-engineering would be needed, Robert. 1 part already exists on the 737 MAX10..hydraulic lift activated landing gear.
ian mcdonell 2
Talk about sending the wrong message out to the world - get it in the air no matter what and you will get a nice Xmas present - what ever are you thinking Boeing
Get it flying but get it right
djames225 2
That's just it Ian...they aren't thinking with the grey matter that resides between both ears....only with the check book again.
Anthony Acri 4
Yo have to be kidding.. They give a bonus to a person to do there job?
They have to get rid of ALL the board and replace everybody.
Some of the memebrs shoul;d have done jail time for the murder of over 300 people
7 % of what one new 800 max cost, well I guess a little cheaper now


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