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How flight-tracking site FlightAware works, for consumers and airlines

It started as the pet project of a software developer who was also a pilot. Today, the company boasts a team of 110 employees in four countries, and helps some 15 million travelers per month, over 200 airlines and 15,000 other companies. ( More...

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Thanks for making this app available. I enjoy getting the email with pictures every week. Its generous of you to share this this info free to the public.
Mike Webb 19
As an ordinary member of the travelling public I just want to say thank you for such an incredibly useful free service. Please keep your app as simple and effective as it is now.
I was a rabid user of *COUGH* 'flightstats' *cough* and they went all paywall, and I dropped them. Later I heard they were 'having issues', and no wonder. People did pay for their 'premium' services, but wouldn't pay for literally everything the site did. I know running a website isn't free, but...
Mark Harris 11
Many thanks for a brilliant app which I find incredibly useful - keep up the good work.
Love this app! Live near an airport flight path so I can see what’s landing or taking off. Always wondered as a kid where a plane was headed when I saw vapor trails in the sky and now I can find out. Also able to give my wife gate info and other flight details when she travels for her work. THANK YOU Flight Aware
Cathy Pate 6
A pilot showed me this app when we kept being told our flight was "in route" when the flight had not even departed the CLT airport. Told me he trusted nothing he was told about the status of a plane without checking the app. Since then I downloaded the app and only believe a flight is "in route" when I see the plane in the air on your app. Thanks!
Very useful to follow family and friends
Robert OBrien 4
Discovered FlightAware during weekly flight commutes from Milwaukee to Sault Ste Marie. Tracking inbound flights, more importantly delayed or cancelled flights proved extremely helpful, especially when upstaging the airlines own communications.
I don't know what I would do without FlightAware- best site and app on the planet!
David Indge 4
As someone who has a real interest in planes, this site has given me lots of enjoyment over the years, thank you so much. I can see the planes flying overhead and see exactly where they are heading.....thank you.
idgie57 7
Great tool for the spouse of a GA pilot, too. Lets me know what time to start dinner and what kind of mood he'll be in when he gets home, especially when ATC sends him around his elbow to get to his ear (“Flight plan? What flight plan?”).
Been a member since 2009 and this is my #1 go to site for flight data. I use it for flight simming and real world flights when travelling. FlightAware is tops!
chalet 3
Thanks a lot for your service, it is the best.
oh thats good
Russ Hendry 2
I've used the App for 8+ years now.
Most airlines have now caught up and
provide similar sched fligħt info, but
little airlines not.
Question: Lately I cannot pry out
INBOUND flight# info, which is the most common reason I open FlightAware.
Can you guide me please? I could get
it 8 months ago, but now not.
Thanks for such a useful product.
Em Fairley 1
Russ, while accessing the upcoming flight #, click or tap "track inbound plane." That bird's flight number will be displayed on the new screen, alongside it's current location
Mary Sankey 2
Fantastic app! Always works smoothly AND has the most up-to-date, correct info. I have more than once shown gate personnel where/when my aircraft was when they hadn't been notified yet! Big thanks to the providers.
Alan Perry 2
I love it! Having an active young family that flies often, I track their flights portal to portal! It also provides very accurate times of when to prepare to meet their flight, or pick them up on BART. Since they use SFO, Oakland, San Jose or Sacramento (price of flights!) it makes it easy to follow with just a flight #. Thanks, Flightaware!
Alan Perry 2
Have one question though. Recently when I receive these weekly reports, I only get one ‘look’ at the stories, then shortly, all the stories from about the 3rd one down are suddenly covered with A double row of ‘click to see’ windows that blocks both the reading of, or the function of, the rest of the daily/weekly posting???
ExPatHere 1
My favorite newsletter...As a frequent(long haul) flyer, I appreciate the pilot insights and knowing what is currently happening in the industry. Thank you and Happy New Year!
Thanks a ton, FA guys, for this FREE service. It's a great help for family members when traveling.
Lily de Leon 1
It's a good app. Sometimes have delays traking in South America. Thinking in be part of the group and help and have fun at the same time.
Michael Goode 1
Thanks for creating this app. As a frequent flyer I find this tool immensely helpful!
Thank you so much for this wonderfully useful app. It’s my go to for airplane info when I travel.
Michas gracias una aplicacion muy util
Miguel Otero 1
La mejor de todas
Lois Lettini 1
I use this APP all the time when my LON daughter (who flies a lot for business and pleasure) is traveling.
Kudos on this, and for making it free!
Paul Milum 1
Love the app but hate that you only get true info while on an IFR flight plan. Any chance this will be better in the near future?
dbaker 1
Yes, this is available now; go to your account settings and enable tracking of position-only flights.
Thank you for providing this great APP. I fly a few times monthly and find your data much more valuable and accurate than that which is supplied by the airlines.
Robert Smith 1
I appreciate this app and the weekly emails that always have a story or two that interests me. I enjoy using the app for my flight information and that of my friends and family.
Thanks so much!
I found the app very helpful when my daughter flew to China last year. The track was very similar to the JFk-Hong Kong flight in the article.
Paul Hurford 1
Top notch application, terrific user interface and so very useful. What an amazing tool. Thanks to all who planned, wrote and launched the software. My main use of FlightAware is to flight follow my kids as they travel around the country, generally heading to see my wife and I. I provide them updates on their flights much faster than the airlines and they really appreciate it. I'm also a pilot myself and find it useful for a variety of things. So again thanks for a fantastic app.
KatzyBaby 1
Getting stuck in Houston the schedule listings were not updating. I found out my flight status by FlightAware way before I could find it out from United. Thanks FlightAware for timely, updated info always.
Yvan Rodrigue 1
Very good
charlie lange 1
This is such a good app. So much fun!
Miguel Otero 1
I travel a lot and this app is AWESOME. Thanks so much!
It's helping people track the planes from Russia and Saudi Arabia fly in to FLL with occupants meeting with the POTUS. One can only wonder why they aren't meeting in the White House. Because their arrival would be logged, and people other than guests and syndicate members might ask questions?

I've used FlightAware to track a wide variety of planes of famous, and infamous. Great work guys! Keep it up!
Oh, not to mention while traveling, and finding out why we're sitting at the gate, and where our connecting plane is hung up. I almost forgot about that function. I was sitting, recently, waiting like everyone else, for our flight, and was able to track the incoming plane, and say that we'd be delayed quite a bit longer. The airline was hopeful, I was right.

For that invaluable function, THANK YOU!!!
I love the site and use it constantly. Thanks
blt56 1
I was interested and motivated enough from this article to build and place online a new ADS-B station already. As soon as I claimed the station on the the FlightAware site I was upgraded to a enterprise-level subscription. The FlightAware website had clear instructions and videos about what to buy, how to assemble the parts, how to prepare the software, and how to start and claim the station. No muss, no fuss. I'm happy to contribute in a small way to the data required to provide FlightAware's excellent services. Thank you for the upgrade. I too enjoy the weekly newsletter.


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