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Boeing pilots discussed 'fundamental issues' with 737 MAX in internal messages

Washington (CNN) Federal regulators on Friday demanded Boeing explain why it withheld documentation of employees' concerns with a software system which investigators have linked to two fatal crashes of the 737 MAX. A copy of instant messages obtained by CNN from a congressional source show one Boeing pilot saying the MCAS stabilization system was "running rampant" in simulator testing. He wrote the plane had "some real fundamental issues that they claim they're aware of.… ( Más...

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Chris B 4
Fox News report: Former NTSB chairman James Hall discusses his reactions to the instant messages revealing Boeing 737 Max's problems may have began two years ago.
sharon bias 6
Old electronic data doesn't just go away. It's stored someplace, just waiting for police or investigators to find it. In this cause, it will eventually provide a timeline for how the 737Max development turned into a disaster, and who had knowledge of the events. It will tell us whether there was criminal negligence. The only good thing about this mess is that it will be come a prime teaching tool in business schools of how NOT to run a company.
How much did VW pay for lying about a pollution test on their cars it never killed a single person , This is outrageous that they new about this and hid the issues
Tim Duggan 2
Actually, what the test pilots were discussing in their IMs to each other described the "Speed Trim" system. This was incorporated since the B-737-300 was introduced. It is unrelated to the MCAS system. Please review this website for more detailed information: (click on "Stab Trim")
Of course they were, that is why Boeing withheld them from the FAA . . .
Tim Duggan 2
Hello...still a little unclear whether it was a simulator glitch. I mean, Speed Trim operates WHILE the A/P is engaged, at lower speeds and altitudes...basically when maneuvering. The two MAX accidents involved different flight regimes. From what I've heard about the Ethiopian accident, no disrespect to the pilots, BUT?? They allowed the airplane to exceed Max airspeed...past Vmo, and the Over-speed clacker was sounding. I wasn't there, but knowing the airplane as I do? IF (perhaps) thay had reduced thrust and slowed? Maybe they could have manually trimmed the Stab. Aerodynamic forces at excessive airspeed prevented that. However, this is speculation -- let's wait for the final Report.
millions of dollars spent by the airlines on these 737 max aircraft,yet boeing did not perfect the problems before selling/releasing them to the airlines? thats kind of like building an expensive new home and finding serious cracks in the walls after moving in, and having the builder say,oops, we didn't check to see if the rebar was stable and the concrete hardened properly!!what is going to happen to the thousands of airplanes sitting or parked in various places, back to the desert junkpile for parts???why didn't boeing listen to the pilots concerns when first reported?
Richard Haas 4
I would suggest that possibly pilots don't have much status in an airplane company hierarchy after the company has been "financialized".
joel wiley 3
The simple answer has to do with making quarterly goals to maintain regular production bonuses.
Randy Marco -1
No surprise, the whole Max debacle is the result of unbridled capitalism.

It was obvious to intelligent people from the start what the problem was but the Boeing "defenders" blathered endlessly on here.

As usual the "defenders" have gone back to eating their grass.
David Beattie 1
Yeah. And Communism has such a fine safety record!

Tim Duggan -1
"eating their grass" is a not-so-subtle attempt at calling people who care deeply about this issue "sheep"/Let's be clear. Your comment/post was offensive to educated people.
bentwing60 0
RM is not one of them!
Len Peixoto 0
This article has "foul play" written right into the source, and the first couple of paragraphs. CNN Politics? Really, because this is an aviation issue, last I checked. Yet here we go again with anonymous sources and the direct injection of a narrative that keeps this otherwise brilliant aircraft rotting away on the ground. This all appears to be an orchestrated take-down of the 737MAX. I can hear the accusations of "conspiracy theorist" already, but so be it. This is not organic. If I hopped an imaginary 737MAX flight today, I would get to my destination just fine. Thus, this is no longer an effort to increase safety and do right by those we sadly lost, but has turned into a full blown political circus. Sad for all of aviation and enthusiasts.
Tim Duggan 3
I don't think (A) you are not a pilot and (b) you simply have no understanding.


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