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Boeing Should Have Fired CEO Muilenburg

The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) board of directors has fired CEO Dennis A. Muilenburg from his job as board chair but will let him stay on as chief executive, at least for now. ( Más...

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canuck44 2
Sometimes you are better with the devil you know at least for a while. It would be more to the point for the Board to recruit some high powered aviation types to their number and set some achievable goals for Mullenburg. No point re-inventing the wheel which would set them back two years or so when they can force the guy there to do the right thing if he wants to keep his job. Ultimately the Board is responsible.
bentwing60 1
Does the name "Wendy Grammm" ring a bell! She sat on the board and chaired the Enron compensation committee for upper management. And bought all those #'s that Andy Fastow fed them. GE apparently had an idler or two on their board of directors in the Welch, Immelt years. I can't remember when the bidness news daily printed an article about the prosecution of a board member, or director in a major management kerfuffle in todays SEC world. If the Board is ultimately responsible, it doesn't show. And probably won't change. Nikki Haley is a new board member For Boeing, maybe she can find those "high powered aviation types" your lookin for. She knows how to buckle the seat belt on a corporate jet goin to the meetings.
patrick baker 1
always glad to read another opinion piece, even if misplaced on squawks. Corporate responsiblity ought to have alread
y moved on this several several years ago, yet here it is still. The spineless and braindead board ought to have an epithany, and give the public tar and feathering so richly merited , walk him out the door-preferebly at 30,000 feet, and begin the reclaimation project for quality and reputation that has evaporated away under the Muilenburg cabal. Short term sales, quarterly targets, yearly statistics: all have become moot. Just build proper airplanes , just design safe airplanes, and realize this is a years long process. begin at once.....Not every boeing order will evaporate and be given instead to airbus, but some will. No pension , no golden parachute for dennis. Make that statement, or not be taken seriously by all of aviation and the public.
linbb -4
The moderator should step up and ban trolls like you on here.
racerxx 3
I'm no fan of MH370 and I'm a huge fan of Boeing, but Muilenburb needs to go. Money and shortcuts over proper engineering is not acceptable.


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