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Boeing knew about safety-alert problem for a year before telling FAA, airlines

Boeing didn’t share information about a problem with a cockpit safety alert for about a year before the issue drew attention with the October crash of a 737 MAX jet ( Más...

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patrick baker 3
boeing is on a binge of abberant behavior: playing Don Quixote with airbus over subsidies, making waves over the new airbus 220, commiting corporate hari-kari with not being truthful on flaws they knew about in the 737max.... It is fair to ask what can possibly come next. Time for airlines to decide if they really need to do business with the people who run such a corporation. The loss of confidence is no small matter.
Geoff Davies 1
If they kept it quiet maybe they thought they could fix it and it is all about sales these days of planes
linbb -7
This has grown into a life of its own dumb reports from dumb people I see.
Cansojr 0
Why do you keep writing Squawks then they get zapped by the other members really get tired of your antics with professional aviators, ATC, Genera Aviators and finally enthusiasts of aviation really enjoy the site. You just get angry with everyone. Are you sure you want to crash every squawk. People are tired and fed up with your nonsense.
indy2001 -5
This is not a current "binge of abberant [sic] behavior". The matter discussed here happened over a year ago. Boeing has recently been much more open about its faults, which apparently were more a case of some departments of the company not communicating with the others. And regarding your last 2 you really think airlines can afford to see Boeing fold, leaving Airbus (which has had its own reliability problems in the past) as the sole provider of aircraft?


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