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An American Airlines flight returned to JFK after hitting a sign during takeoff

(CNN)An American Airlines flight returned to the airport Wednesday night after hitting a sign during takeoff. Flight 300 was departing New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on its way to Los Angeles International Airport when the plane hit a sign adjacent to the runway, Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman told CNN. ( Más...

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Brandon Mustin 11
Yet they post a photo of a 737 Max-8 that was not the aircraft involved in the runway accident. Just 3 minuets of research could of have the right aircraft type on the photo.
scott8733 6
Agreed. Unfortunately in this day and age, the term 'responsible journalism' can be added to other oxymorons such as 'time management' and 'marital bliss'.
Torsten Hoff 3
Don’t forget “common sense”.
sparkie624 2
One thing that I have found out about "Common Sense" is that it is not as Common as it used to be... Besides... Common Sense Died a few years ago.
Iain Girling 1
and "military intelligence".
Don't forget "fast service"
scott8733 1
I can very, very close to peeing my pants in laughter after I read that one!
joel wiley 4
Maybe the had contracted with MH370 to find an 'appropriate' pic.
sparkie624 1
Noticed that... The media doesn't know the difference between a Cessna 150 and a 747!
Chris Bryant 11
Maybe I'm missing something, but how does "slightly off-center" for a 150' or 200' wide runway mean you clip a sign with your A321???
chris.i was wondering the same thing..i would think the aircraft would be a lot off center to do that..i noted as well the photo with the article is an American airlines aircraft, but it I think is a 737 max in the photo,not being used at present..oh well..
sparkie624 1
Keep in mind the term "Slightly" is not a measurement, and many times is more of an opinion vs being fact... His opinion is slightly different than mine.... Just imagine what he would have hit if he had been a lot off the center line... :)
Jim Goldfuss 4
I can't think of many signs, especially along the runway, that any commercial jet would hit barring the wheels actually leaving the runway to one side. Even on a 737, anything outboard of the engine would be higher than any sign, and this was an A321, which sits higher up.. Seems like all the details are missing.
Jim Goldfuss 4
Just looked it up, wingspan on an A321 is just under 112 feet. All of JFK's runways are 200 feet wide (except for 13L/31R which is 150" amd normally do not handle departures) , so for a wingtip to hit a sign on the side of the runway, the plane would have been 44 feet left or right of centerline, that's more than just a little off center
sparkie624 1
The article never said how low the wing was.... Maybe severe cross wind!... Very Severe!
Silent Bob 3
Paging Bill Engvall, paging Bill Engvall!
Brent Bahler 2
Brent Bahler 1
The aircraft was an Airbus A321.
Highflyer1950 2
I guess the pilot didn’t like the thumping sound of the nose wheel hitting the centreline lighting so moved aside just a Liiiiittttle bit?
sharon bias 2
Taking off on a taxiway? It's happened
Jeff Carey 3
Trying to read the sign?
Bill Harris 13
...and it said "If you can read this sign, you're too close to the edge of the runway"
Richard Orgill 2
You get the golden award for best comment of the day. Checks in the mail.
Jim Goldfuss 1
Lirstened to recap on LiveATC. Winds were 010 at 17 and he took off from 31L. 60 degree crosswind from right to left. Over Jersey/PA, pilots decided to head back to JFK because they had a strong roll to left during takeoff and wanted to get it checked out. Pictures of left wingtip show some significant damage (leading edge out by tip). Guess they caught a gust on rotation. Being they got pretty far out before deciding to go back, I assume someone from the cabin saw the damage and reported it to a Flight Attendant. (just a guess, but it would have been noticeable to a pax on the left side ahead of the wing)
chalet 1
The two pilots should be dancing the sombrero dance before their superiors for no explanation, no matter how "creative" can justify such a wide drifting to the left when the winds were almost head on to the nose.


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