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An American Airlines flight returned to JFK after hitting a sign during takeoff

(CNN)An American Airlines flight returned to the airport Wednesday night after hitting a sign during takeoff. Flight 300 was departing New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on its way to Los Angeles International Airport when the plane hit a sign adjacent to the runway, Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman told CNN. ( More...

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Brandon Mustin 11
Yet they post a photo of a 737 Max-8 that was not the aircraft involved in the runway accident. Just 3 minuets of research could of have the right aircraft type on the photo.
scott8733 6
Agreed. Unfortunately in this day and age, the term 'responsible journalism' can be added to other oxymorons such as 'time management' and 'marital bliss'.
Torsten Hoff 3
Don’t forget “common sense”.
sparkie624 2
One thing that I have found out about "Common Sense" is that it is not as Common as it used to be... Besides... Common Sense Died a few years ago.
Iain Girling 1
and "military intelligence".
Don't forget "fast service"
scott8733 1
I can very, very close to peeing my pants in laughter after I read that one!
joel wiley 4
Maybe the had contracted with MH370 to find an 'appropriate' pic.
sparkie624 1
Noticed that... The media doesn't know the difference between a Cessna 150 and a 747!
Chris Bryant 11
Maybe I'm missing something, but how does "slightly off-center" for a 150' or 200' wide runway mean you clip a sign with your A321???
chris.i was wondering the same thing..i would think the aircraft would be a lot off center to do that..i noted as well the photo with the article is an American airlines aircraft, but it I think is a 737 max in the photo,not being used at present..oh well..
sparkie624 1
Keep in mind the term "Slightly" is not a measurement, and many times is more of an opinion vs being fact... His opinion is slightly different than mine.... Just imagine what he would have hit if he had been a lot off the center line... :)
Jim Goldfuss 4
I can't think of many signs, especially along the runway, that any commercial jet would hit barring the wheels actually leaving the runway to one side. Even on a 737, anything outboard of the engine would be higher than any sign, and this was an A321, which sits higher up.. Seems like all the details are missing.
Jim Goldfuss 4
Just looked it up, wingspan on an A321 is just under 112 feet. All of JFK's runways are 200 feet wide (except for 13L/31R which is 150" amd normally do not handle departures) , so for a wingtip to hit a sign on the side of the runway, the plane would have been 44 feet left or right of centerline, that's more than just a little off center
sparkie624 1
The article never said how low the wing was.... Maybe severe cross wind!... Very Severe!
Silent Bob 3
Paging Bill Engvall, paging Bill Engvall!
Brent Bahler 2
Brent Bahler 1
The aircraft was an Airbus A321.
Highflyer1950 2
I guess the pilot didn’t like the thumping sound of the nose wheel hitting the centreline lighting so moved aside just a Liiiiittttle bit?
sharon bias 2
Taking off on a taxiway? It's happened
Jeff Carey 3
Trying to read the sign?
Bill Harris 13
...and it said "If you can read this sign, you're too close to the edge of the runway"
You get the golden award for best comment of the day. Checks in the mail.
Jim Goldfuss 1
Lirstened to recap on LiveATC. Winds were 010 at 17 and he took off from 31L. 60 degree crosswind from right to left. Over Jersey/PA, pilots decided to head back to JFK because they had a strong roll to left during takeoff and wanted to get it checked out. Pictures of left wingtip show some significant damage (leading edge out by tip). Guess they caught a gust on rotation. Being they got pretty far out before deciding to go back, I assume someone from the cabin saw the damage and reported it to a Flight Attendant. (just a guess, but it would have been noticeable to a pax on the left side ahead of the wing)
chalet 1
The two pilots should be dancing the sombrero dance before their superiors for no explanation, no matter how "creative" can justify such a wide drifting to the left when the winds were almost head on to the nose.


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