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Air Canada grounds its Boeing Max 8s until at least July 1

MONTREAL — Air Canada says it intends to remove its grounded Boeing 737 Max 8 jets from service until at least July 1 in order to provide more certainty for passengers that wish to book flights in the coming months. ( Más...

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Whatever Boing and the FAA do to mitigate the damage fliers will avoid booking on MAX and question FAA’s motives and that’s bad news for both.
ray corona 1
A totally unnecessary "knee-jerk" reaction!!! Air Canada had an identical problem in 2017 with an Airbus A-320 due to the ADIRU feeding false data to the flight control computer. These "attitude augmentation" systems have been in most aircraft for almost 15 years and experienced pilots are aware of them and what to do if a problem arises, unlike the inexperienced Asian pilots at Lion Air and Ethiopian Air. Just google "ADIRU" or Quantas flight 74 of October 7, 2008.
dval18 1
YQG looks like they're having a yard sale. Air Canada and Sunwing, side by side but not together.

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If you read the text you will see that this was done primarily to reassure Air Canada’s customers.

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Cansojr 7
Taylor there are some excellent sites where you can search and find objective data. Flight International, Flieger Faust, Flight Safety Journals provided by the Canadian government are not biased. Try a couple and you will find objective data out there.

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mbrews 4
- Reminds us of a story of little Johnny. He was stumbling and out of step with all the other soldiers marching in parade formation. Johnny's mother, watching the parade and beaming with pride exclaimed " LOOK , EVERYBODY's out of step except Little Johnny "
Cansojr 1
Taylor, you seem to be a very angry person. This site is meant for fun as well.

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Cansojr 1
Your communication skills are infinitely useless. Add to the discussion instead of blasting us continually with unrelated material.
Cansojr 1
This is so realistic it makes the mainstream look like the work of a child's book. Don't right these sights off.
bbabis 5
Taylor, On every issue there is one majority opinion and at least one or more minority opinions. Constantly referring to the majority opinion as a mob is a red herring and degrades the relevance of you comments which at times have valid points.


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