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Federal agents searched home of pilot who criticized TSA on YOUTUBE...

SACRAMENTO, CA - An airline pilot is being disciplined by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for posting video on YouTube pointing out what he believes are serious flaws in airport security. The 50-year-old pilot, who lives outside Sacramento, asked that neither he nor his airline be identified. He has worked for the airline for more than a decade and was deputized by the TSA to carry a gun in the cockpit. He is also a helicopter test pilot in the Army Reserve and flew missions for… ( More...

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grgchan 0
You vill say nuthing bad about the Führer! Heil Hitler!!!
rickythepilot 0
Welcome to the new America. Whistle-blow anything bad about the government and as of right now you will only get bullied. It's only a matter of time when they start hauling you off in the middle of the night.
Matt Comerford 0
the tsa must be getting protection from the patriot act
This is the future of America, I am afraid!
Jamar Jackson 0
We Will be like China Shorty
TTail 0
they can kiss my a**. they think that we will bow down to the hyporcrisy of this??? they will NOT TELL ME WHAT I can think, say or do in this world. i do have one question. why did this guy not take these problems, to the TSA, instead of posting it online??? if i see something wrong, i would go to them, whether i like them or not. they need to know when people see these things whether we like them or not.
Ed McCoy 0
In Soviet America. Government controls youuuu!
LucasWorthen 0
TSA is out of control.
Where are Obama and Biden. They always say they're fighting for the little guy. Why didn't Mrs. Obama, her mother and the President's daughters fly commercial to Hawaii thus saving the rest of us $120,000 for the extra Air Force plane ride. Maybe they could learn what the rest of us and our children have to endure at the hands of TSA.
Man Boi. They're dignitaries and do not have to. And this guy signed hundreds of legal documents which state a Federal Aviation Regulation to not release any security information that has to do with a "needs to know basis." Seriously anybody can think of a better way to have security, they need to speak up, otherwise shut up. Don't forget about what happened on 9/11.
Here are my ideas:
1. Kill all the terrorists and those who harbor them. We haven't done that yet.
2. Allow the 2nd Amendment (and all rights of all Americans) to be honored. If passengers and citizens everywhere in this country were to keep and bear arms, 9/11 (and most acts of random violence like school shootings) would have never happened.
Gene spanos 0
As stated to us just prior to take off for Westpack ground forces assignment:
- Blacks want to be white
- Whites want to be black [ until the cops come ]
- Guys want to be girls
- Girls want to be guys
- Nobody wants to work
- Everyone wants to get paid

40 acers and a lexus!
Greg Anderson 0
Really, TSA is totally out of control. All bow down to our savior Obama! Or we Kill you.
Our goverment is totaly out of control. Our founding fathers are rolling in there graves.
What about this guy's First admendment rights?
Matt Comerford 0
Is everyone on flightaware a tea bagger? "keep your government hands off my Medicare!". Uh oh I probably just violated the constitution for saying what you don't want to hear. 1st admentment rights for some, right?
David Ford 0
Every day we are witnessing the planned dismantling of our beloved protector of freedom, the Constitution. The government needs to be afraid of its citizens for freedom to reign. When we are afraid of the government, freedoms are taken from us. So the regime will make sure we are put in our place of submission if we dare point out flaws. Any similarity to dictatorships, perhaps?
ccouto 0
Has every one noticed at Newark airport two TSA agents seating at the passengers secure areas exit? that was the great solution found after an agent recently abandoned his post to go the bath room generating a terminal closure and millions of dolares wasted in delays and fuel.
Now we have two guards the passengers the other guards the first...WOW what a bliliant idea . as per the double salaries paid at those positions? who cares is our money not theirs.
This guy STIL is flying comercial, as well as for the military. That should say something. What he posted on You Tube is NOTHING new, just that he WAS THE ONE, who had the nerve to TEST the US GOVERNMENT. I agree with him 100%.
Gene spanos 0
A test......sure go ahead.
@ccouto - no, but I have photos of TSA Agents from several airports standing around in terminals texting on their phones...:)
ciro caprioli 0
And they call this country the best country...... VIVA EUROPA
David Ross 0
The USA Constitution? It doesn't exist as far as the TSA is concerned. After all, they are providing security and can't have something inconsequential like the Constitution get in the way.
andy streit 0
Its been known for so long of all the security lapses at major airports and tiny ones too. Its a big deal that the TSA thinks they are on top of every issue, when in-fact they are 5 steps behind. Name the last terrorist who they captured to make the billions of wasted dollars effective? TSA is simply a joke and not to be taken seriously. I would feel safer flying on an airplane with no TSA than what is going on now.

So 3 ounces of gel or liquid won't bring down a plane, but 4 ounces will? If you thought it was such a hazard to have 4 ounces instead of three, why did you just throw it in the trash can instead of calling out the bomb squad?
Everyone knows what a cockpit looks like and we all realize emergecy equipment is available to the crew. So what! This is public knowledge and common information. Video within the public eye should always be considered fair game. I sense the real problem is that the pilot is emphasizing a silly scare tactic which has grown some pretty big teethe. I hope he can overcome this because I want to believe he is not anti aviation industry or anti government, but just a little hot and bothered by being controlled, likely by people less capable than himself. It may be time to let private industry do the heavy lifting.
jim garrity 0
This makes my blood BOIL ! Do the FEDS not know what "IN PLAIN SITE"

jim garrity 0
This MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL! Don't the feds know what "IN PLAIN SITE" means? This pilot was just "showing" us a look around the terminal. He never showed anything that the traveling PUBLIC could not see for themselves! I would be very afraid being the pilot flying now without the protection he once had!! I sure hope the feds "wake up",and smell the gun powder? Safe skies,keep and Happy Holidays,Merry Christmas and God Bless.
David Ross 0
<sarcasm>The terrorists only get their information form YouTube, not by actually going to the airport and looking for themselves. Thus the TSA has the right to harass citizens trying to point out the flaws of the TSA. The TSA, above all things, must not lose face! </sarcasm>

For those who believe that the TSA provides real security then do I have a bridge to sell to you. In tests they have missed 70% of items that are not suppose to go through the checkpoints. I've experienced them not caching a knife that I had accidentally left in my backpack.

The TSA allows their own people to go through the "security" checkpoints without being checked. They say the reason why is because their badges set off the alarms. The idiot(s) who suggested having medal badges instead of the original cloth badges should be fired. Yea, sure they get background checks but what's to stop the bad guys from getting a sleeper hired by the Terminally Stupid Assholes who have Thousands Standing around providing only a facade of security?
N5827P 0
To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin:
Those who surrender their liberties to make them feel secure deserve neither liberty nor security.

To paraphrase George W. Bush:
Give up your liberties and pass the "patriot act" and let us form the department of homeland security.

Guess who we followed?
Ronald Padgett 0
After reading the article (mostly the posts after) if this guy is fired, he's one of the very few I won't mind paying unemployment to.
TTail 0
i dont think so mr. padgett. his company told him to keep it on the DL. so the company is aware of things that are going on. so the only thing I think that is going to happen is that he wont be able to carry a gun into the cockpit, and who the F cares about that. he will be able to fly, and the only way i think that they could get him not to be flying, is to maybe jack his medical card, or maybe his ATP LICENSE. i really dont think that the gov. can fire him, or GET him fired.
sviridovt 0
Welcome to communism , oops I mean democracy
freelunch 0
I was always lead to believe that America (USA) was the land of free speech, hahaha.
The politburo is alive and well in Washington.
meeverett 0
I would just like to point out an older article to address TSA's background checking track record:

It would seem that their policy is to give background checks unless it is inconvenient.
dmanuel 0
Janet Napolitano was on the national news a couple of days ago, reassuring America that her team was on the job 24/7, 364 days a year. I guess this falls under the explanation that the missing day (or days in a Leap Year) is to keep changing things up and keep terrorists off balance.
brian harris 0
There needs to be more open discussion, thats called DEMOCRACY.
Steve Engelman 0
The TSA and the "feeling of security" that justifies it is all BS. Even without ANY airport security, statistically we all have a FAR greater chance of dying in a car wreck on the way to or from the airport than we do of dying in an aviation terrorist attack.
John Cotton 0
"Jetwhine has since learned the pilot did indeed violate CFR 210.902 C (b), the Federal Regulation/Code against "pointing out silly TSA security inconsistencies via video and later posting them to YouTube." I’m pretty sure this is treasonous." - Rob Mark, editor
John Cotton 0
Chris Liu: I am the YouTube airline pilot


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