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Video: Air New Zealand Lands In Chicago Nonstop From Auckland

When Air New Zealand flight NZ26 pulled into Chicago-O’Hare’s (ORD) Terminal 5, gate M11 at 12:33 on November 30, 2018, the occasion was historic for both the airline and the airport. Flight NZ26, which had taken off at 17:01 Auckland time and traveled roughly 8,200 miles, was the carrier’s first commercial nonstop to ORD and its longest flight ever. It also was the longest flight in the airport’s history. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner actually landed more than half-an-hour early after spending 14… ( Más...

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Edward Hopgood 6
Well done AIR NEW ZEALAND great to be a KIWI
Fritz Steiner 2
Is this any way to run an airline? You'd better believe it is !!

AIR NEW ZEALAND is second to none.
Derek Vaughn 2

Add HNL. I forgot it too
Greg Coppola 1
Wow maybe I could get my wife to take that trip lol
El Kabong 1
"The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner actually landed more than half-an-hour early after spending 14 hours, 32 minutes in the air."

That was one-way. Add at least 2-3 hours to that going back before anyone starts to celebrate.
Fritz Steiner 2
Congratulations. El Kabong!!

You've just "discovered" what the aviation industry has known since it first started to make transcontinental and intercontinental flights. With few exceptions E-W flying takes longer than W-E.

It's something about upper flight level winds that God has established flow from W-E.

This particular flight got lucky. Most will arrive on-time or later than scheduled

Before ANZ inaugurated this ORD-AKL-ORD service how long did it take for an ORD-originating passenger to get to AKL using the FASTEST connection possible?

THINK, sir.
Andy Cruickshank -1
I had a tough time to figure out the six US destinations... I forgot HNL!!
John Stephens 3
5 US destinations, 6 North American.....
I stand corrected and did know that YVR is actually in Canada! My error.


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