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Southwest flight clips another plane’s wing at St. Louis Airport

ST. LOUIS - The Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation regarding an incident concerning two commercial airliners that came in contact with each other at St. Louis-Lambert International Airport. “We were fully boarded and then heard a little boom,” said Nathaniel Jensen, a passenger on the WOW jet. ** Watch the Video ** ( More...

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bdarnell 3
Change the name from WOW to WHOOPS !
babyracer 2
"She said, “If you’re going to be in an airplane crash, on the ground is the best way to have that experience,” said Sarah Frey, who was on the WOW plane."

That's a bit of a dubious statement......the vast majority of plane crashes happen on the ground ;)
Skyler Shaw 4
Tenerife and Pan Am 747 Flight 1736 beg to differ as well.
sparkie624 2
Very true... Back in the 90's Piedmont Airline (Mainline) Fokker F28 on Takeoff roll was blown off the runway into the River in LGA... Plane at almost Vr was blown off the runway by another airline doing a power run with the engines pointing across the planes path.. Plane flipped over into the river.... All Died... All of it on the Ground!
The "rampers",or ground personnel have the responsibility to make sure the planes are moving with safe distances between them when doing "push back" or guiding to the gate..the captain doesnt exactly have a "rear view mirror" to see and relies on the tower and whomever is on the ground around the aircraft..its a good thing there was not more damage nor a major incident...
sparkie624 3
My big question is.... "What was the Wing Walkers doing???
Ric Wernicke 4
Obviously sharpening the winglet leading edge on another aircraft.
Shenghao Han 2
They over done it, the blade obviously broke in half. Time to forge a new one.
sparkie624 1
OMG... I needed that answer... If it weren't for humor... We would not have much...
Smoking something besides cigarettes ?
At AMERICANS AIRLINES the ramp rats are not subject to random drug test as are the flight crews and the maintenance personnel except in an incident such as this. Could this be the problem here ?
sparkie624 1
I hate to insinuate that, but I certainly would not rule it out either!
masonite 1
“The wings are major league damaged,” Herberts said. “They’re not going anywhere.”

Uh, I'd call one winglet cutting about one foot into another winglet Little League damage at best. No disrespect to Little League.
sparkie624 2
Surprising not a big deal.... On the CRJ if we get damage like that we cut off the damaged winglet and ferry it to a Maintenance Base for repairs... I remember once on a Road Trip me and another guy flipped a coin to see who was going to get to cut it off the plane with a Saws-all...
btweston 0
It’s going to ground two airplanes and cost a whole lot of money to fix. No big deal, you say?

masonite 3
I didn't say it wasn't a big deal, I said it wasn't major league damage. Obviously it's inconvenient and ideally shouldn't happen, but it's not like one plane taxied by and chopped off the other plane's entire vertical stabilizer.
sparkie624 1
Not really as much as you may think... They are a module unit that are usually riveted in place, Can easily be changed in a hangar in less than 1 shift and add some time for sealant to setup!.


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