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Allegiant settles with fired Pilot over emergency landing and evacuation

Allegiant Airlines has settled out of court with a pilot it fired after ordering an emergency landing and evacuation because of a burning smell in his MD 80 jetliner, according to the office of Nevada judge Joe Hardy, Jr. who was handling the case. The pilot, Captain Jason Kinzer, alleged in his lawsuit that the airline was putting “profits over safety.” The settlement avoids a trial scheduled to begin today in Las Vegas that threatened to yield yet another black eye for the budget carrier with… ( Más...

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canuck44 35
The only thing worse than Allegiant's maintenance is their personnel management. Hopefully Captain Kinzer has caught on with a more respectable airline and his settlement was more than enough to compensate for him starting at the bottom of his new seniority ladder.
Carl Smeraldi 17
Excellent Command authority Captain. AllegiANT. cares about profits on time not passenger safety or the RIGHT DECISIONS IN THE LEFT SEAT PERIOD. FROM B747400 pilot .
stratofan 10
Why do cut-rate carriers continue to punish a captain for being cautious? If passengers had died because of a fire would they feel any better? No, unfortunately lawyers have to get involved, and the FAA is glaringly quiet over the whole affair.
patrick baker 13
astonishing is the non-reaction of the FAA here, as if protecting corporate profits is more important than protecting passengers. Exactly what more does the FAA need to see other than their own documents for Allegient in order to conclude something very bad is ongoing here. Every airline Captain Kinzer might hire on to is by definition a safer airline,but that begs the question why is Allegient allowed to continue in its present composition?
wingbolt 8
The FAA doesn’t want to deal with a company with a bunch of attorneys, especially one that they are supposed to have oversight with. They would rather spend their time making sure Cherokee pilots have their 30 day VOR checks logged.
The FAA goes for the low hanging fruit! Most people give the FAA way too much credit since the people that get in there are pulled in by their buddies in the FAA or hire people not fully qualified, so they can fill diversity requirements!
Gary Eldridge 4
The FAA, to their discredit, is now distracted from real issues by spending needless time and money laying out new rules and governing the hobbyist's model aircraft operations. Come On!!!!
joel wiley -6
Perhaps the FAA is taking the current administration's direction to reduce burdensome overregulation and give the free market free reign. If passengers want to pay a premium for flying safe airlines, that's up to them isn't it?
btweston 1
Poe’s law in full effect here.
joel wiley 0
Linda Nitzschke -7
Oh, crap...I was just thinking "at least there's no fool here blaming this on President Trump!" Your comment doesn't even make sense..."burdensome" and "over-regulation" is the same thing as "over-reaching" and "unnecessary," etc. What the President is trying to do is to remove all the ridiculous number of regulations that were being put into place by Leftists and Globalists as part of a sick agenda to kill business growth, etc. I wish we could start regulating the number of useful idiots we allow into or let stay in this country anymore....if we're going to keep going down the burdensome over-regulation route in any one area, that'd be one damn good place to have it!! Sheesh!
joel wiley 3
OF COURSE IT DIDN'T MAKE SENSE! It was satire. The FA sarcasm font has been broken for a long time. Please take btweston's suggestion and google Poe's Law.
Bryan Morgan -2
Linda if you really believe that rambling you put. Out you need to get some help. If you think Trump cares at all about you or our profession you are very naive. He is a physcopath who lies when the truth will serve him better. Just ask some of the former Trump Shuttle pilots. I wish you luck in our profession, I think you will need it.
linbb 15
He did the right thing as at any time it could have gone south quick then who would have been to blame. They cannot keep flying worn out AC forever and get away with it as the upkeep will ruin them. So things are deferred as long as possible. It will one day catch up with them.
Larry Hinton 4
If it were me, I would not have settled out of court and requested to go to trial. The airline needs to be held accountable for poor practices.

As for the incident, the PIC is responsible for the safety of the passengers, crew, and aircraft. The captain performed his duties admirably. I would have done the same thing.
john kilcher 2
Having read about this "airline", flying a/c that are next to being obsolete, I'm disappointed that KALB is allowing them to fly here. You could not give me a free ticket to use their services. The FAA continues to stall on disciplinary actions.
Bryan Morgan 2
I have been in this business over 50 years, money over people is nothing new. As a retired Capt for a major airline I can assure you that’s the way it’s all ways been. That’s why a lot of us lost our pension, the , company and ALPA made sure of that.
John Pettinari 1
Maybe not new at your company and certainly not at every company. Sorry your company and ALPA treated you wrong.
dee9bee 1
The good news is, out of a total fleet of 98 aircraft, only 20 MD80s remain. The other ones are out in the desert somewhere. The Airbus replacements aren't new themselves, average age around 12 years. (per
Jesse Carroll 2
Ok dee9bee, what two modern jet airplanes made by McDonnell can you cut all power off and still fly the airplane ? Just curious!
Some are new. I fly to Florida and back several times a year and almost every flight in the last year has been a new A320.
KitBagJack 3
But Don McLain: with such an abysmal safety record why are you flying on Allegiant? Surely it’s not because of the low fares! (Or is it?)
Edward Bardes 4
Some routes flown by Allegiant aren't flown by anyone else.
Yes, it is.
It's ok.....I'm insured. :)


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