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Falcon 50 runs off end of runway at KGMU

Landed on RWY 19. Rwy 1 has EMAS that was installed after a similar incident a number of years ago. ( Más...

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David Treacy 8
The airport manager speculating it could have been a medical issue was absolutely uncalled for. His obvious attempt to deflect airport facility responsibility for the crash was unprofessional and an insult to the crew.
Bill Babis 2
R.I.P. Hopefully the CVR will be able to shed some light on what happened.
Brian Bishop 2
2 confirmed dead. RIP
Bill Babis 1
Wow! It looks as if neither pilot was type rated in the Falcon 50 and the flight was a Part 135 trip. The copilot was a private pilot with no instrument rating. They payed the ultimate price but others are probably leaving the country.
Brian Anderson 1
This is starting to look really, really bad...
scottiek 1
I'm not a pilot, but it appears only one reverse thruster was activated (center only). Maybe others could comment on this?
Mike Reimer 4
That's correct, they only have a #2 engine thrust reverser
Bill Babis 1
Mike Reimer is correct. Only the center (#2) engine has a thrust reverser on the FA50 and it appears to be deployed in the accident photos. I am not typed on the FA50 but am on every other early Falcon, 10, 20, 200. Maybe someone more familiar with the FA50 can comment, but I believe that due to system design that the two pilots can cancel each other out if they both push on the brakes with the same pressure. Its been a long time and maybe I'm getting my planes mixed up.
Anson3 2
The brake metering valves are on the front pressure bulkhead. Either pilot can activate the brakes and cannot cancel each other out. The air brakes are deployed as well as flaps, however the flaps appear to be in a takeoff setting, not fully deployed but that may be due to the landing damage. The 50 is a short field airplane with plenty of stopping power, that is unless the landing is long and/or fast.
Bill Babis 3
Thanks Anson. Yes, I dug back in my old books and found that I confused the Falcon brakes with another aircraft I flew during the same time period. The pilots on an SA227 could get into a lockout situation. Going back to the Falcon, yes, they have massive stopping power with brakes only. The T/R really doesn't change much. This is an accident that had no business happening. I hope WE find out what happened.


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