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A Superb Airline With A Superb Aircraft Is Coming To LAX

This is not Finnair’s first attempt to serve Los Angeles, but it has been many years. This time, the carrier will operate an A350-900 aircraft on the route, which is one of my favorite airplanes. Based upon the assigned flight numbers, it appears this will be Finnair’s flagship route: ( Más...

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KitBagJack 1
It will truly be “superb service” if there is an on-board sauna!
John Barton 1
Everybody! Great News!
jet4ang 1
There is! I wonder how many it fits?
John Barton 1

They just set the cabin temperature to 160*/70*C for 15 minutes every 2 hours, followed by piping in outside air direct to the cabin for the Finnish cooldown. :D
vermaas 1
A small correction: Award space for these flights is showing on
I just flew Finnair for the first time last month. Pretty good.
jbermo 1
Helsinki is only a few hours bus ride from St Petersberg. Might be a good deal for those in
LAX to access Russia.
Jack Fuller 1
Several trains per day also on this route. More comfortable than a bus!
Bing Yiu 1
I'm a Boeing fan, hasn't got a chance to fly the 787 yet, but flew on the A350 many times, it is a great plane to fly, very quiet

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william baker -8
Their one of the same!!!
hubert peffer 0
There are many superb aircrafts..


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