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Zephyr S set to break aircraft world endurance record

Zephyr S, Airbus’ High-Altitude-Pseudo-Satellite, has surpassed the current flight endurance record of an aircraft without refueling of 14 days, 22 minutes and 8 seconds and continues to pioneer the stratosphere. ( Más...

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Randy Marco 1
Aug 1 11:30 PDT Zephyr S still going strong at alt 580 49 kts.
A. E. Sprague 1
When the flight track spells out "Airbus" you know these guys have too much time on their hands.
Ryan Jorgenson 1
rebomar 1
For me , that link only shows the first 20 hours.
Search FOR KELLEHER then click the 'Live' button. Currently orbiting just northeast of Yuma, over the Kofa NWR.
Original link is not working for me. "FlightAware couldn't find flight tracking data for KELLEHER just yet."?
joel wiley 0
"This first flight of the Zephyr S aims to prove and demonstrate the aircraft capabilities"
which include finding a new topic to include in the Guinness Book of Records. Enough reason for the average MH370 posting. I wonder if the OP receives remuneration for posting or if it's a hobby.
Rex Bentley 0
"Local persistence"? Who thinks this stuff up?
Heh! I used to work as a technical translator. When I received a new text to translate, my first job was to read it though and highlight elements that didn't make sense. Then I'd go to the engineer who wrote it and with a smile say, "This part is vague or doesn't say anything. What were you trying to say?" After a laugh we'd improve the original text. I like to think that the final product in English was better than the original French.


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