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The unregulated world of 'emotional support animals' is driving airlines crazy — and science is on their side

Emotional support peacocks. Emotional support snakes. Emotional support hamsters. People have been bringing all sorts of "support animals" into public places recently, arguing the creatures should be allowed to fly on planes and come into offices or restaurants because they serve a mental-health purpose. ( Más...

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brock55 4
The problem is that the powers that make the rules left a monsterous gray area in the policy and people have exploited it. The airlines have done their best but the passengers have ruined for themselves with some of the outrageous animal claims.
canuck44 4
The big problem is the airlines or for that matter any establishment cannot sort out what in fact is truly needed vs the mentally ill attention seeker...nor should they be expect to do so. We have entered a period where we not only condone various perversion and forms of mental illness such as "Transgenderism". For the airlines they just need to make a policy that all such animals fly in the cargo hold and if the individual cannot fly in the cabin without, they can call Greyhound. Airlines are private entities and have every right to ensure the other 100 to 150 customers on a plane do not have to put up with someone's emotional support pig (like the one that crapped up and down the aisle).
Roy Hunte 3
The main problem with exotic emotional support animals is that they usually cause the other passengers to need emotional support. As for me if I need emotional support I'd bring a family member
john Gargiulo 1
The issue is simple, no pets unless it is a service animal. People have way overdone the emotional support pets thing, it you are that ill then stay home. I tired of flying next to someone and their cat in First Class on Delta, Delta has a peanut polity, no peanuts on a flight if some is allergic to them, what about people allergic to cats.


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