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2 men injured in plane crash along Hwy 69

[] TEXAS :: 2 men injured in plane crash along Hwy 69 "The Texas Department of Public Safety confirms troopers are responding to plane crash on Highway 69." Read Full Article At :: ( More...

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DNev 6
It's obvious he was trying to make the highway. It appears in the turn for the road the left wing stalled and that is what brought them down in the trees. Glad to hear they should recover.
Sull Ivan 1
He was apparently trying to land at a grass strip adjacent to the airport NOT on the highway. Failed to maintain flying speed.

"Family members say they believe the two were practicing field runs and doing grass landings at a nearby landing strip just a few hundred yards away from the crash site."
allench1 1
he started his turn early enough but needed a little more rudder and nose down to keep flying and land on the highway. instead he increased his bank losing lift and had the beginnings of a spin, lucky he was that low.
allench1 2
seems as though the pilot hesitated in his turn to the highway and lost speed leading to a stall spin. At least they survived the crash. God speed on recovery for the student with head injuries.
Sull Ivan 1
He was on final for 6X0 a grass strip adjacent to but not parallel to the highway. Not attempting an emergency landing.
rwtimmons 2
Yes, it looks like they were practicing at 6X0. I have both landed at this field and used it for practice engine out approaches. (
I can't tell from the videos which direction they were flying, but the two options are approaching to land to the NW or a go-around/take off to the SE. If they were doing and approach to the NW that was not a good idea as the runway slopes away from the highway at a 1.8% grade. If they were taking off to the SE that is not a good idea due to the slope, powerlines that parallel the runway, and plenty of tall trees.

It was not uncommon for instructors in the area to use the field for practice engine out procedures. Years ago there was a 172 that stalled into the trees after a practice EO procedure due to the engine not producing power after they initiated the go-around. I think the verdict was they didn't clear the engine during the extended idle decent and that is what cause them to lose power on the go-around. Luckily they walked away with minor injuries.
bartmiller 0
Overshot "final approach" (the highway) on the emergency landing and tried to correct with opposite rudder. Too slow and a class cross-control stall.

Never easy dealing with an engine failure, but this is the kind of thing you're supposed to train for in your private pilot course, and even rigorous in your commercial. And practice it and review it in your BFR (biannual flight review).
Ray Miller -1
Not sure what he was thinking way to low and slow to make it to that surface.

allench1 4
he had just done a takeoff from a grass runway and climbing out when either he departed with low airspeed (maybe old tired engine) or lifted a little too early.straight ahead would have been in the trees and trees win everytime''
rwtimmons 1
Was the fact that they had just departed from 6X0 in one of the follow-up stories? I must have missed that. If they did takeoff towards the highway they were taking a bid risk. The runway slopes upwards towards the highway and there are powerlines just off the end of the runway parallel to the highway. You need a little more performance to be able to overcome the slope and clear the powerlines.
Joseph Cotter -1
Yep, power loss. grass strip in Texas, Carb Ice??
Jim DeTour -2
I think I heard them yelling yeeee haw. The short and sweet first reaction after considering the airport is in reach is steer direst to center of airport and not think going to final is still the way. You can slip to burn speed. Let my instructor cert lapse but not common sense. Winds don't play favorites. Landed on an Army national Guard heliport runway in Muldrow Oklahoma with a 172 back in 93 when one rocker-arm fell apart from a mechanic unsticking the valves with a metal hammer hehehe. Gotta love clowns and lots of wind.


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