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Russia blames pilot error for army choir plane crash

Russia has blamed pilot error for the military plane crash that killed 92 people, including dozens from the Red Army Choir due to give a concert to troops in Syria. The Tupolev plane crashed early on December 25, minutes after it took off from the resort of Sochi. Journalists and a well-known charity activist were among the dead and there were no survivors. ( Más...

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Rico van Dijk 3
It is easy to blame the pilot and if that is the conclusion of their research, they miss an opportunity to work on the real cause of this crash: Autocratic cockpit management, strong hyrarchy and lack of CRM. As long as this is not recognised and mitigated, it will happen again.
Erik Faust 1
Does anyone by any chance have access to a more detailed document than that Russian article on the Kommersant Webpage? I read that (all the English-language reporting is basically just a summary of that) as well as the Wikipedia article. I’d like to know a bit more about the meteorological condition etc. in the background of the accident. If you have anything like that, thanks in advance!
Graham Martin 1
Looking at the regime that operates in the country,it would be easier to blame the cockpit rather than the lack of maintenance which saves them having to spend money on putting things right.
andrew357 0
Yeah? what about the shooting down of MH 17 who did that?


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