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Incident: Delta B717 near Chattanooga on Apr 11th 2017, gear problem

A replacement Airbus A321-200 registration N318DX is currently positioning to Chattanooga as flight DL-9941 and is estimated to reach Nashville with a delay of 5.5 hours. ( More...

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aidannorman 1
I wish I was on this flight, I REALLY want to fly on one of Delta's A321s.
I really don't understand why they sent an A321 to replace a 717, but I'm not complaining it must have been seen as a bonus to these passengers; it sure would be enough compensation for me.
aidannorman 1
I understand why they sent an A321 now, Nashville is one of Delta's focus cities for the A321, it would make sense to send a plane that can actually be used for a later flight out of Nashville rather than have to fly back to Atlanta empty afterward.


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