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Snake in cargo hold of Boeing 777-300 grounds flight Emirates #EK863 to Dubai

Flight Emirates #EK863 from Muscat was grounded after baggage handlers found the serpent in the cargo hold of the Boeing 777-300ER. ( More...

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paul trubits 3
Bet no one fell asleep in the cargo hold.
LethalThreat 2
Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him LOL
Frank DeLeon 2
Didn't he say he was leaving the U.S.?
rrk14 1
sounds nasty
Willie Wonka 1
The text of a phone call to the Director of Maintenance

"Sir, we have a snake on board the aircraft! What do we do?"
"Are all the passenger and crew safely off the plane?"
"Yes everybody is clear!"
"Burn the aircraft..There might be more!"
"But sir the plane is only three months old!"
"Don't care...Burn the plane then put what's left in a metal crusher!"
"Sir,are you afraid of snakes?
"Maybe. Why do you ask?"
ariana suppa -1
Samuel L Jackson what you got on Emirates


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