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British Airways 'to squeeze extra 52 seats onto Boeing 777 economy flights'

British Airways is planning to squeeze an extra 52 seats on its Boeing 777 flights by shrinking seating space, it is claimed. The airline giant is reportedly trying bring its services "into line" with competitors at Gatwick from 2018. ( Más...

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Gaie Higgins 3
Are they mad? There's not enough legroom as it is. The flights are beginning to resemble the old slave ships where people were stacked like sardines. British Airways ID definitely off my list.
greg presley 3
Tough to do when we book seats but will try to dodge the 777 from BA.
william hunt 2
What next? will they be doubleing up on each seat. Passengers are almost on each others laps as it is.What about the safety issue ?. It's all about $$$$, much wants more. 777s are long haul aircraft, who wants to fly packed in like sardines for many hours at a time.Not me, I'll choose a more passenger friendly carrier.
That's sure to get people to look at other airlines first. Maybe they should promote the 777's for little light weight people!
Also ask for Hight and rweight when booking. If over 6 feet or 15 stone state you are to big and heavy for our 777's.
Tim Williamson 0
The slide actually specifies only Gatwick based 777s not the whole fleet.


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