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Imposter Tower Controller causing flights at YMML/MEL to execute Go Arounds

Someone with a rogue aviation band radio is transmitting on the tower frequency there - advising planes cleared to land to Go Around. ( More...

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Ken McIntyre 18
The perp needs to be turned into dingo food.
joel wiley 16
What do you have against dingos?
Ken McIntyre 2
Wayne Jeffrey 7
The sad thing is that when they catch the imbecile doing it, they will be given a slap on the wrist by our useless court system.
Jim Heslop 2
I thought it was in Australia....not Canada!😂
They need to slap him all right, with a 2X4.
James Carlson 6
On the plus side, at least this moron was giving out the least dangerous instruction he possibly could. A clearance to land naturally includes space for a go-around, so if this kind of problem had to happen, at least this one starts off safer than others.

Imagine what would happen if a "rogue radio" started issuing vectors.
McBlemmen 5
That's scary stuff. Hope this person gets a severe punishment.
Michael Lewis 4
I hate the fact they call it a "hack" - it's merely an interference with. A "hack" makes it seem like the plane itself had been taken over.
David Barnes 3
It's pretty clear to me that it was "radio communications...hacked".
Michael Lewis 2
Yeah, I guess my brain just didn't like the term "hacked" I was feeling more that it was "interfered" but, good ole English, both terms suffice here.
Should be named Hijacked and Attempted Murder as a title!
Ron Beraha 4
Though this person(s) may have done so for joy, they may have stirred the pot and have given would be terrorists another weapon. When they catch this person(s), they should throw the full might of the law at them.
Although rare, this is, unfortunately, not the first recorded instance. I can recall faux ATC communication incidents in England and in the U.S.A. over the past two decades.
canuck44 3
MEL will have to counter this with using female controllers (like WWII Code Talkers)on the frequencies at risk and using alternative frequencies relayed to aircraft prior to switching for approach. Scrambling transmissions is not practical as the aircraft would not be equipped to decode.
Tom Bruce -3
nawww ...... just catch 'em and hang 'em
Allan Bowman 2
Use him then for crocodile food, the perp would make a nice snack.
Ben Bosley 2
I've always wondered when someone would get around to doing this. Just get a handheld and away you go.
Ronnie B. 2
miguel pesce 2
que peligro hay que encontrarlo y encarcelarlo por poner vidas en riesgo.!!!!
Victor Engel 3
I would suspect anyone posting youtube videos of those go-arounds.
Tom Bruce 2
wow everyone's n the same page for once...we all his tongue out
usad 2
One crazy can cause a mountain, no, a volcano of aftershocks. This will undoubtedly bring about new laws concerning radio sales. They will need one more government unit (maybe within the FCC) to oversee this. Maybe 100 agents or more. Those people will need supervisors to report to and office space. You see where this is going, don't you?
Bernie20910 6
You realize this is in Australia, right?
Probably built his/her own radio for it.
Tom Bruce -6
yep... more of our tax dollars at work!! good one!
ToddBaldwin3 1
or, in this case, the Australian equivalent.
Australia uses dollar as well. The Australian Dollar for clarity
Cecil Clark 1
Jim Heslop 1
I suggest letting Pratt & Whitney, GE, and RR, put him to work as 'cannon fodder' on their engine test bed platform!
dj horton 1
Fast track CPDLC for domestic use like we use across the tracks. Problem solved.
When caught not up to 20 years pass a law saying mandatory 20 years
ar4479 1
Where have you seen YouTube videos Victor?
Victor Engel 10
I see youtube videos on Where else? I didn't say I had seen any videos of these flights. I meant to suggest to keep an eye out for such videos.
ar4479 2
Ah - ok. Gotcha. Thanks! :-)
Wally Schiel 1
It would have to be someone with procedural knowledge otherwise the aircrew would pick it up. Perhaps issue authentication cards between ATC/aircrew. Maybe an ex ATC with a grudge?
ToddBaldwin3 3
Shades of the cold war, when incoming airliners from overseas had "entry packets" with authenticators, check turns, and other such fun stuff.
John Silva 0
Nah! Just somebody with s#it for brains.
Mike Jackson -1
Let's get this right, it's not 'someone with a rogue radio....' it is 'a rouge with a radio.....'. We all know a radio is an inanimate object so it's not the radio that is a rogue, it's the 'someone' who is the rogue.

I hate it when journalists/reporters don't put the inference of blame on the human being, way too PC!
"When radios are outlawed, only guns will have radios." ..or however that goes..
ar4479 1
LOL! Yeah - something like that. :-)
joel wiley -1
Its a red letter day when auto correct colors one's comments.
brownbearwolf -1
Maybe airport security and other staffer's don't like people with Scanners at their airport. So have someone play silly buggers and that gives them grounds to have scanners at the airport, band.
John Silva -1
This happened in Southern California in the 1980's only this moron was on the approach control frequencies giving Airliners and IFR traffic radar vectors. After a couple of months he disappeared. Thank God he didn't send someone into a mountain. The minute you got on the frequency the controller would warn you about it so you have to be careful. I would have loved to have found him myself and choaked the hell out of him. He endangered me, my family, and hundreds pf travelers.


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