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EAA partners with Dynon Avionics to bring experimental avionics to the certified world

EAA announced today that, in partnership with the FAA and Dynon, an STC will be available to use the Dynon D10 EFIS in certain certified aircraft, giving certified aircraft owners a new low-cost option for a panel upgrade. ( Más...

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Interesting...seems like small steps are being made.
myalias 2
I hope Dynon comes out with certified GPS. No one offers a complete dual-display certified-GPS and PDF/EFIS for IFR setups in experimental Rotax 91x planes. The current solution involves dual PFD/EFIS and dual GPS screens, which is both heavy and cramped in a small panel.
Philip Clifton 1
Unfortunately, I wouldn't hold your breath on that one - unless the FAA either makes some serious changes to the TSOs, or provides some kind of alternate path for E-AB aircraft. However, this STC announcement, to me, is indicative of the FAA taking a positive approach to things like this. Hopefully this is a harbinger of things to come.

I'm building an RV-8 right now, which I intend to make IFR-capable when it's done - which pretty much means stuffing a 430 or 650 or something like that into the panel. I intend to go with a Dynon Skyview EFIS system, and everything will be well-integrated...except whatever certified GPS I install. I'll have to maintain proficiency on that one piece of equipment just so I can fly IFR effectively. It would be a whole lot nicer if I could just use the Skyview GPS software for all navigation...
myalias 2
Nope, not holding my breath!

I plan to build a Pipistrel Virus SW. I was thinking the Garmin G950 would be a good fit, but even though it's for E-AB aircraft, they will only sell it for installation in a few models. The rules in Canada are such that I need redundancy for IFR approach, so that means dual 430/650. I'd also want dual PFD/EFIS, because I agree redundancy is good.

I agree it's annoying that Skyview can basically fly the GPS approach, just not legally. More annoying is that Garmin has the tech, but won't sell it.
James Carlson 1
Holy cow! This is great news. I've been waiting for this process to get moving.
JOHN steichen 1
I fly a glastar with skyview and a Garmin GTN 750. Yes it was expensive, and yes it was a splurge for me, but it is a wonderful IFR combination. I would highly recommend it. Dynon will never produce an IFR nav box. The VOR/ILS in the unit is a nice backup to the RNAV capability


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