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Delta marketing fail

Latest DL commercial disappointing from the most basic parts. While extolling the virtues of Delta the video shows a turbofan windmilling in ....reverse. Nice attention to detail. Dear Delta, please allow a crew member to QC your adverts before sending them out. Cheap insurance. ( Más...

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ffrcobra1 2
Why does a fan windmilling in reverse matter? That's what they do when the wind blows up the tailpipe. I guess I don't see how that "oversight" in the production process impinges on the quality of the ad or the airline.
clausingnj 2
If you're going to reference an advertisement from Delta, it'd be nice to include a link to that advertisement. Nice QC on your part. Also, their latest commercial starts with the engine spooling up, in the correct direction and continuing a normal start. Most videos that you see of turbofans or turboprops make them appear to spin backwards due to the frames-per-second of the camera. It's all just an optical illusion.

Chris Coogan -2
Forward or backwards, which way do YOU want your airline to fly? Just sayin, the Devil is in the details


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