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A new plane design makes use of the cargo hold as a windowless cabin for passengers

The latest patent filed by Zodiac Aerospace, the French aircraft equipment manufacturer, takes aircraft design to a whole new level - a lower one, that is, with windows replaced by screens along the length of the aircraft displaying live footage captured by cameras placed on the outside of the plane, providing a view of what you might see through windows. The images could also be streamed from your own personal electronic device, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, by downloading an… ( Más...

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Next question. Are they going to use containers for this?
Then run different footage to them and take them where ever you want, they won't know until its too late ;)
Highflyer1950 1
PSA did that to their L-1011-1's in the 80's. A lower pax lounge fwd of the galley. Problem was the heavy reinforced "sled" that had to be attached to the belly to protect the pax in the event of a gear up landing. Since that was where the fwd cargo hold was, baggage had to be loaded in the rear only.
People do not travel without luggage. With limited overhead storage, and increasingly limited checked in baggage, what is the use of this idea? It's a pipe dream and nothing more.


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