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Morgan Freeman uninjured after private plane crash in Mississippi

Actor Morgan Freeman was uninjured Saturday after the private plane he was flying in blew a tire after takeoff from a Mississippi airport and had to make an emergency landing, authorities said. No one else on the plane was injured. Clarksdale Mayor Bill Luckett, a longtime friend of Freeman, told the Associated Press the aircraft made what he described as a controlled forced landing just before dark Saturday at an airport in Tunica after it had taken off from Clarksdale. ( More...

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Lewis Tripp 2
Jeff Lawson 1
Flight track for N30GZ is here:
Torsten Hoff 1
What a sensationalist headline.
linbb 3
Even better is the fact one story said it was commissioned by him. Guess they think he had an AC custom made for him. Also as I recall he has more than one Jet that he owns thought one was a G series he bought in the last two years.
Torsten Hoff 2
He was an investor in the Syberjet SJ-30 project, and got the first production aircraft in order to generate publicity to the best of my knowledge. That may be how the "commissioned for him" thing got started.
Shenghao Han 1
Morgan Freeman uninjured after the plane crash, because he narrated so...
sparkie624 0
Of course he was not injured... LOL... the plane was landing at the airport to pick him up, we was still in the terminal waiting for them.
Jeff Lawson 0
Negative. Other sources indicate the plane was carrying him and his pilot. He was a passenger, not PIC, and was traveling to Sugar Land, TX (near Houston).
sparkie624 1
It still is not news worthy!
ar4479 0
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Plane carrying Morgan Freeman crashes in Tunica,MS

Plane enroute to Houston crashes. No injuries reported.
bentwing60 -3
Whoever was the decision maker picked the right sized runway anyway. 8500x150. Not so sure about for repairs, wouldn't surprise me lf it left on a truck. As would be expected in this type "crash", no injuries, so Morgan can go make some more movies I won't pay to see, since I'm not too keen on sending money to the left coast, with an even further left agenda. Had a gear problem once with the "Walker Texas Ranger" guy aboard in a C650. The other guy asked if we should circle a while and burn off some fuel? My response, we're well below landing weight and unless you want to meet every other Faa and press guy in Houston, it's time to land. Word gets out with the celebs on board.
linbb 0
bentwing60 2
Wow, once again you miss the whole point. 8500x150 is preferable to 5400x100. No heavy maintenance for type at either. As Torsten said what a headline! And the little part about the gear is aimed at the younger flying set on this site that still believe in Santa Clause. If you have an accident or incident that comes before the scrutiny of the FAA, they will not be there to see what you did right. They will be there on a fishing expedition for something you did wrong! Training records is the big one. So make sure they are current. Those little boxes that they checked at FSI or simipigi mean something even if they didn't really cover it in recurrent. There are a couple of ways to learn things in this bidness, the hard way, and the old salt way. I learned a condiderable amount from the old salts, and a considerable amount the other way and I don't mind passing it on.
Torsten Hoff 1
I'm curious what caused the tires to blow. The SJ-30 has twin tires all around, and while I can see one tire failing, it seems improbable to have both tires fail on one gear, or more than one. Could over-inflation cause them to burst as the plane climbed, or did they run over something on the runway?
bentwing60 0
After the first tire blows it overloads the second, hence you got double trouble. Usually under inflation is the culprit but FOD or just a plain old failure could could start the daisy chain. If you hear that first one pop and feel it you can expect the other to go. And you can feel it as the airplane will yaw and if you have the runway left that's the time to yell abort, abort, abort. If you elect to go, don't retract the gear, and from there you are on your own.
sparkie624 -1
Why is this news, he was not even on the plane... Hate to see a gear up landing, but they make out like he was in Danger.. He was in Danger of being late for his next destination.. BS Article.
illcookie 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Actor Morgan Freeman Unhurt in SJ30 Incident

Actor Morgan Freeman’s SyberJet SJ30 ran off the runway at Mississippi’s Tunica Municipal Airport at about 6:15 p.m. local time on Saturday “after diverting following a reported possible blown tire and hydraulic problem,” according to a preliminary accident/incident report released today by the FAA.


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