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International deal struck to track all flights with satellites

A deal has been struck on using satellites to track flights, which could prevent a repeat of the mystery that surrounded the disappearance of flight MH370 in March 2014. Countries reached an accord at a conference hosted by the UN’s International Telecommunication Union that aimed to improve on the current civilian flight tracking, which relies on ground-based radars. The ITU said a frequency band previously used to transmit signals from aircraft to terrestrial stations would be made available… ( Más...

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Daniel Baker 3
Notably, this would've had zero impact on MAS370/MH370. This solution requires an operable transponder, which was not the case in that flight.
MH370 1

Martin Haisman 1
Reportedly it is ADS-B which is.............Transponders. MH370 had the Transponders disabled/turned off/standby so Fail.
Tuan Tran 1
Why is it a difficult thing for airliners to report their positions anywhere in the world?

Positions of private aircraft or hikers equipped with $100 SPOT trackers are sent through satellites every 10 minutes or less to the emails of whomever they want.

This inexpensive tracker technology has been around for awhile, and airlines are dragging their feet with the lives of their passengers and aircrew in their hands?
Also need to 'Fix It' so flight crew don't have the ability to fully disable the transponders. Make it so they give at least minimal ident and location information if the aircraft is moving.
Chris Swan 0
What is needed is the commercialization of the progam used to calculate the MH370 position from the Satcom pings. ADS-B data when available could be used to confirm the accuracy.
MH370 0
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Global flight-tracking satellites deal signal an end to mysterious missing planes like MH370

Global flight-tracking satellites deal signal an end to mysterious missing planes like MH370. The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200ER, was carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations.


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