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Pope Francis departing ADW for JFK

Track on flightaware - Popes flight to JFK American AA9420 ( Más...

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Rick Buckalew 1
If Flightaware or ATC flight data misses a position report, the software "assumes" that the aircraft is continuing on the same heading / speed of last report. When subsequent report(s) are rpocessed, the tracking line logic corrects to show the most likely (and usually accurate)track. Security, in this case, is not a factor.
T. D. Blodgett 1
I tracked that flight live and it was quite unusual. First, the tracking did not begin until more than 10 minutes after the plane had left Joint Base Andrews. Then the total flight time showed up as seven minutes -- which promptly was used up, and we went into overtime. Then the flight path showed an acute angle turn back toward Washington that continued for quite a while. Finally, things settled down, the angled regression disappeared, and the track showed up as it does now.
CaptainFreedom 1
378 knots @ 10000 too....that would be a hoot!
Thomas Cain 1
Saw the same thing, most likely the position was being scrambled (To the general public ie: Flightaware) intentionally for security reasons.
terry gersdorf 1
most commercial are delayed in real time for security reasons
T. D. Blodgett 1
The Pope's flight from Cuba to Joint Base Andrews was pretty straightforward in the Flightaware tracking. It even showed several minutes of circling over North Carolina because he was way ahead of schedule.
MSU Sparty 1
I think the AA flight was the press plane, The Pope is on an Alitalia A330
30west 1
Within the U.S., he has always traveled on a U.S carrier. It was always TWA until its acquisition by AA and now AA has taken on that role. In the past Alitalia would bring the Pope to the U.S. and TWA would fly him home. We'll see how it unfolds this evening.
Guy Cocoa 1
On the Pope's flight from KJFK to KPHL the average fare was $186: I wonder if that includes holy water.
terry gersdorf 1
Good job to my fellow AA crew taking care of the Pope
Vince Ceccola 0
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Pope's flight to KJFK

Tracking and info on the Pope's flight from Washington to NYC


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