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Hidden cameras reveal airport workers stealing from luggage

Inside a plane at Miami International Airport, baggage handlers are going on a shopping spree with passengers' bags. What they don't know is that they are being recorded on a hidden camera. The Miami-Dade Police Department set up the camera as part of an ongoing police investigation into luggage thefts by the very airport workers who are supposed to get bags safely onto planes. "It's a problem we all face," said police Lt. Pete Estis. "We will continue to be… ( Más...

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sparkie624 5
Glad they busted a few of them.. Need to bust a lot more of them...
Airlines charge you for the privilege of having your luggage riffled through. Nice.
Colin Seftel 3
I had a jacket stolen from a checked bag at MIA. The thief kindly replaced my jacket with his!
kev wu 1
Was it better or worse than yours?
Colin Seftel 1
LOL! What do you think? I gave it to the police but they didn't seem very interested.
kev wu 1
lol I bet :P
El Kabong 1
Filing a claim with the TSA takes over 3 years to resolve. We had a kindle crushed by the TSA when they did extra screening against one of our bags. We filed a claim the same week and JUST RECENTLY got a resolution (albeit we're still waiting on a check for the damages). Carry on seems to be the safest route for the most part if you want to avoid sticky fingers.
Well, that elimates the possibility that you didn't,t pack it!


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