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Guido shares another flight from Iceland to Greenland

This video shows all phases of a transatlantic flight from Iceland (BIRK) to Greenland (BGSF), ATC clearance, checklist procedures, position reports in the North Atlantic Airspace and a landing at Sondrestromfjord (BGSF). ATC is recorded and procedures in the cockpit are explained with subtitles, photos and charts. ( More...

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randomguy 3
great video, thanks for sharing
Thank you very much, John!
Happy Landings.
joel wiley 3
As professional flight as ever. Improved graphics are a real plus! Vielen Dank.
Thank you, Joel!
Happy Landings,
mariofer 3
Guido makes the best videos. Thanks for sharing them with everyone.
You are very welcome - only my pleasure!
Being a Icelander, i love your videos of landings and takeoffs in Reykjavik. Your videos are the ones I most freqently visit. Like them all.
Pakka þér!
Happy Landings,
Guy Medlock 3
Another great video, Guido. One question: I remember on an earlier 'lesson' that you said that you recommend and always, wore an oxygen mask when you went thru FL 400, or something around that, due to the danger of rapid loss of consciousness if anything went wrong. Did this flight go to FL 430 and if so, have you changed your approach to this procedure?
Thanks Guy!
During the filming they were off, otherwise on....
Happy Landings,
Chris B 3
Much enjoyed. Value of two pilots reaffirmed.
Thank you, Chris!
Happy Landings,
jbqwik 2
Guido, I appreciate the 'enhanced' audio and graphics integration. Quite enjoyable. Thanks for your efforts.
Thank you!
Happy Landings,
matt jensen 2
Love that route
The sights are beautiful. It is a very hostile region though...
Happy Landings,
Bruce Bailey 1
Excellent! Thank you
Thank you very much for this flight.
I was just wondering why a quality Cessna like yours has no HF radio ?
Is it an expensive option ?
Greetings from France
Jean-michel A.+
Thank you, Jean-Michel.
HF radios are normally not used for the routes a Cessna Citation V flies (domestic, inland).
We had an HF radio on board, but the transmitting function did not work, repair was very expensive.
A fully certified aviation HF radio is quite expensive, it is not so much the radio itself, but the installation process and the paperwork involved. You can say that EVERYTHING is expensive as long it is for aviation...
I can only hope that in the future that HF radios will be replaced by a satellite based communication system.
Happy Landings,

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Frank has a good point here and any professional comment is appreciated!

In the video, I made a sub-title at the beginning of the taxi that "on a busy airport it is advisable that both pilots should be "heads up".
This was early in the morning, taxi clearances were even handled by the tower frequency - no traffic.
What I liked was that my First Officer even announced the runway crossing on the radio and looked for both sides clear. I was heads down, so clearly did not obstruct his vision in both directions.

BTW: no flight is "perfect". If I would show "perfect" flights I would have to edit the videos a lot... :-)
Flying is a constant learning process, and is good to at least aim towards total perfection and total professionalism. Once we have achieved that.... it's time to retire anyhow :-)

Oxygen: this aircraft is not FAA registered and was outside of US airspace during this flight.
In US airspace, FAR 91.211 are followed.

Thanks to all of you for your friendly comments and for your interest in my flight videos.

Happy Landings,


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