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Korean Air VP Orders Flight Attendant Off Plane

South Korea's transport ministry is investigating reports that the daughter of the chairman of Korean Air, who oversees in-flight service, caused a plane being pushed back from a gate to return in order to expel a flight attendant. Heather Cho, 40, was in a first class seat on a flight from New York's John F Kennedy Airport for Incheon on Friday when she took issue with a flight attendant who handed her macadamia nuts in a bag and not on a dish, according to local media reports. ( Más...

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MH370 7
The Korean Air executive who caused a plane to return to the gate in order to expel a flight attendant has stepped down from her position as head of in-flight service.
linbb 2
Those who think that the working class is below there place in the order always gets me as they cause more than one firing due to who they would like to think they are.
i wasn't there, and things really do have to be done within the parameterds laid down doubt, but really, she ought to ride in my plane with her stiff little face and see how she likes it.
Time is approaching neare for pride downfall. Nature naturally take its toll on her soon

deafsea 1
Curious, which flight was it, KAL 82 or 86?
Jo Hammond 1
Ignorance is bliss. There would be less "germs" on the nuts in the package than those in a dish. And how would she know where those in the dish had come from?
ssidibe 1
JO , its a First Class we talking about at 10k$ round strip.
Safety has only recently become important to KE. Not surprisingly Ms Cho failed to recognise the danger of having crockery and cutlery loose which become projectiles in the cabin during take off and landing.
Does the expression " on the rag" come to mind??
bentwing60 1
They are going to take away your "compassionate man" card there Wallace! That is so un PC. But, yes, now that you mention it.
I'm equal opportunity. Of the thousand times I've said it, 500 times were to males.
ssidibe 0
I agreed with Heather Cho ..i've my reasons : As a first Class flyer you except the best out of the Airliner. However the whole think could have been easily played down once they reach designed Destination .Regardless of the nature , as long the protocols are followed .
Brian Nasset 0
Thought the Pilot was in charge where's a Air marshal
matt jensen 2
Pilot should have put her off the jet for interference with flight crew performance.
Pilot was smarter. He knew she was hanging herself.
Why does this happen?
Ethan Pressl -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Korean Air executive resigns over nuts on a plate row

A Korean Air executive has resigned from some of her duties after she ordered a flight to be turned around to the gate and a flight attendant off the plane because she was served nuts in a bag instead of on a plate


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