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Emergency Landing on Cargo Ship by Sea Harrier

Emergency Landing on Cargo Ship Alra by Sea Harrier ZA176 Remarkable news footage on the recovery of Sea Harrier ZA176 and Sub-Lt Ian Watson after the Alraigo docked in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, June 1983. Britain's National Archives released a number of Royal Navy files, and the second inquiry report was finally made public. Noting that Watson had completed only 75 percent of his training before he had been sent to sea, the board blamed Watson's inexperience, and his commanders for… ( Más...

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n111ma 2
I heard that after this incident RAF had him flying left seat of a target drone!
Free speech has it's down side it seems!! It was a hard landing on a hard surface and not a total loss of the airframe following a ditching into the sea. For a pilot in training to manage to get down by any means available seems to me a vindication of his instructors ability to deliver military pilots of challenging aircraft.

I also believe that the Royal Air Force never utilised the 'SEA HARRIER'.
dmanuel 1
Anyone know what became of the pilot & aircraft?
izanti 3
Hopefully he grew into his flight suit. But seriously, what kind of soldier walks off the boat and gives an interview then stands next to the plane for pictures like a damn rock star.
James Driskell 1
Hey, it's a "poopy" suit. Designed to keep the pilot warm and dry if he has to eject over cold water!
izanti 1
TIL: Navy pilots were a thing called a poopy suit.



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