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Unbelievable footage of China airport worker's terrible cargo handling

When it comes to transporting air cargo, the term ‘handle with care’ is normally pretty apt. That certainly wasn’t the case with a recent China Southern Airlines flight, as you’ll see from the video on this page. Mark Bridgman, a passenger on the flight, looked out his window and noticed the rough handling of cargo boxes by an airport worker. ( Más...

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BC Hadley 9
Notice how when the one box tumbled off and knocked him in the head he didn't seem to notice? It's probably empty. (His head, not the box.)
preacher1 2
Josh Preston 8
At what point did this guy realize that he was actually creating more work for himself by being so destructive?
preacher1 6
It did look like 1/2 the load was on the
joel wiley 4
With the meticulous attention to detail and professional demeanor, it was probably the wrong flight.
preacher1 2
tom duff 3
He could have gotten that job done in 5 minutes if he was careful and got them on the belt. But no, he threw them and only 6 or 7 of them made it on the belt so therefore it probably took him 10 minutes to do the job. They should teach them to be more careful. Hopefully they don't let him load people bags on planes. Stick him with the boxes.
Like many here probably, I worked for an airline contracted warehouse/ramp for 5 years at a major hub. Believe me when I say this is mild. This guy (if contracted) is probably making about minimum wage. The cuts roll down hill: lower fares -> lower wages -> RFP to the lowest bidder regardless of quality. It is a worldwide epidemic evidently.
preacher1 7
$ rule the world. You get what you pay for. My son has a freight brokerage and is continually getting underbid. Then when the cheaper can't perform, the shipper winds up coming back to him begging if he can move it. Because of short notice, they may wind up paying even more, just like advance bookings.
brian Gaskill 3
Maybe there are cats in those boxes and he's more of a dog person...
dhitzigrath 1
hahahahahah, especially in China
Joseph Howes 1
how is that guy working there surely someone's noticed this
preacher1 1
Maybe nobody else cares either.
mtpiper 1
The way they bounce off the belt, it must be a shipment of new Nike basketballs!
Hunt Mayo 1
And he stopped to take a phone call...
jet4ang 1
I would assume he's a slightly pissed off employee or drunk off his ass!
joel wiley 1
There was an old Russian saying " We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us".
Seems a similar level of dedication and enthusiasm.
preacher1 1
Or just don't give a crap
Gee! I hope their aircraft maintenance program is a lot better
Jeff Gipson 1
He must be having a bad day. Not that it's an excuse, but maybe if his company gave him some ear protection and a back-brace (lifting belt), then maybe he'd be happier.
preacher1 3
I don't think China has OSHA or workmen's comp.LOL
Ralph Takach 1
Coming from China, the chances are very good that it was fragile. Outside of box looks good, so the recipient will get blamed for breaking after opening it. NOW, big question is where do we go to nominate him for "BAGGAGE HANDLER" of the year. Now that's a real joke.
mbv9415 1
He must have been trained at KORD
Or KSAT! It never ceases to amaze me how on earth a tightly packaged cooler can arrive in MSP with it's contents so badly damaged, still half frozen, yet not a dent or mar on the outside of it, seals intact!
preacher1 1
I hope they were packed to ride.LOL
Ric Wernicke 1
You did not see the unloading where they dropped them out the door into a gondola.
Dianne Johnson 0
It was posted in the 6/14/13 FlightAware Weekly Aviation News and Photo Newsletter
I wonder if the airline saw a copy of that video. If not they should.
Kmon George -3
Listen Guys,
The porter is doing the whole thing alone.mind you.His supervisor is suppose to give him an other porter for help.His job is to offload from the pallette,make the tractor free.So don't you guys judge the guy without studying the scene and throwing names and swearing him.And mind you the cargo doesn't seem FRAGILE too!!
David Stark 5
None of that excuses doing the job so poorly.


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