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Thanks to the USMC Aviators - 100 years

From the son of a Proud Retired Marine .. A big thanks for your service to a proud nation, your service is not forgotten .. SEMPER FI ( Más...

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Jeffrey Babey 4
Awesome! My son, now retired served the Marines VMA-231 (Ace of Spades) Cherry Point NC and I made sure to send him this video :)
Jim Turner 3
My Dad was in HMM-362 served in Vietnam 65-66. My Brother has served in HMH-362 deployed to Iraq twice and Afganastain. Now he is in HMX-1. I thank them for their service.
My dad is an Ugly Angel during that exact same time. Looking at the hmm362 roster your dad has to be Larry. Thank You to his, my dad and everyone elses service. I think I know of you, don't you fly someone kind of important around? Iowa ring any bells?
Jeremy Kudlick 3
I've never been a Marine, but I work with (and for) several retired Marines, including two Navy Cross recipients. I sent them all this link. HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!
Gene spanos 2
Special thanks to those Marine Aviators in RVN who worked so hard to give us - those on the ground forces the much needed close air support.
Bill Humbert 2
Marine Air support for Marines on the Ground??? You can bet your precious set of pears on it!!!

As a former 0302 flying CH46s in RVN, my most rewarding flights were Medievac missions and volunteering (along with everyone else in the squadron)to fly hot Thanksgiving dinners to units in the field.

Nuthin worse than Marine aircraft on the ground at the wrong time. Our Maintenance troops did more than their level best to make sure we were in the air at the right time....

Marine Air. On Time. On Target.
Gene spanos 2
Grunt CBE here worked/fought up North - DMZ 2/68 - 2/69.

The single pilots who came low back then I could read his
name on the helmet.

Must be the same Marines now flying was too low over now!

Stay safe!

No Purple Hearts here....I ducked!
Jeffrey Babey 2
:) Thank you for your service :)
megavoyager 1
in english, please ?
taylormb4 1
His brotherhood understood the comment and Gene thank you for your service.
marcad 1
A bit disappointed that the A4 Skyhawk wasn't shown at least once in cameo. The A4 was very effective in the early days of the Nam conflict in the close air support role. Had two tours in Nam flying the A4 and did everything I could to get my ordnance on target for my brothers on the ground.
Ooops..Just remembered that it was the background aircraft when Commandant Amos gave his introductory remarks.

Semper Fi
Michael Neilan 1
Awesome video. Air to Mud....Hoooooooooooo Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Juan C. Peron 1
Thank you very much for defending for us to live in a free Country USA and what a lot of others don't know and don't give credit to does that deserved. Thank you USMC.
Eric Thomas 1
To GYSGT Johnson: Happy Birthday to "your people" //SIGNED// USAF
Skyhawks over Core Sound. NICE!


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