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Man locks himself inside the cockpit of American Eagle

Aircraft had just arrived, a departing passenger entered the cockpit and lock himself in - refusing to open the door. Just arrested. ( Más...

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sparkie624 3
IDIOTS... Help him out... Sure the Door is Bullet Proof, but other parts are not.... Good to see they pulled power, and A/C. Should have pushed him off the gate. He will come out willingly,,,, Make sure the cockpit is pointed into the sun. Once he came out, he should have been tackled like in a good FOOTBALL game.
jamie costanzo 2
Just goes to show you that airport security doesn't catch everything. Maybe next they'll install lunatic detectors.
sparkie624 3
If that was the case, it would go off every other passenger and probably more often than that.
Jayden Hakunti 2
good thing he didn't know how to operate the aircraft he stole.
sparkie624 2
Alot of pilots I work with I wonder about... Capt calls up to MEL hyd pump, said CB was pushed in. Asked him to pull and reset it, he did, no help. I mel'd it accordingly. Next capt calls up taking the plane out. Why is the 2B pump MEL'd. I pushed the breaker in and it works fine.... Doh.... Even though you tell them exactly where the breaker is (Behind the F/O's Seat, Top Row Coordinate A2. How can you miss that one :)
Jeff Phipps 1
He was probably on his way to his mother in law's place and figured this was a better outcome.
suz 1
Top flite security ...
Andrew Stagg 0
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American Eagle Passenger Locks Self in Cockpit for Three Hours in Baton Rouge

"An unarmed man who had threatened suicide Wednesday morning locked himself in the cockpit of an unoccupied plane at Metro Airport until surrendering more than three hours later, authorities said."
Joseph Burlas 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

American Eagle Passenger Locks Himself in Cockpit for Three Hours

A "distraught" American Eagle passenger locked himself in the cockpit of an empty jet for about three hours today in Baton Rouge, La., according to news reports. Andrew Alessi, who left the plane about 3 p.m. CT, was charged with interfering with a flight crew. The Baton Rouge resident barged past two gate agents and ran into the aircraft about noon, a half hour before Dallas/Fort Worth passengers were to start boarding, airport spokesman Jim Caldwell told the Associated Press.


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