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plane almost stolen by student pilot...

COMPTON, Calif. (KABC) -- A student pilot was arrested after he tried to steal an airplane from Compton/Woodley Airport. Sheriff's officials said 25-year-old Troy Long of Bellflower attempted to steal the two-seat Cessna 152 on Friday. Authorities say Long entered the airport office and began taking keys for airplanes. He then pulled a gun on airport workers when they tried to stop him. He got into the Cessna and started the engine, but he was stopped from going anywhere by a chain… ( More...

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Jonathan Cain 5
thats why you always do a thorough preflight!
.. Flight to jail .. apparently, right where he should be !
"note to self.....disconnect chain next time!" LOL
70002 1
Gotta love it...
Brainless thief corralled by chain on C152..
After conviction, thief again corralled by chain gang.
Jared Maurtua 1
People really seem to ignore the chain. They really need to figure out how to get it off before they can go.
PVUpilot 1
One of those "I knew I was forgetting something" moments, haha!! I wonder how many lessons he had up until now if he forgot about tie downs... Makes for a good laugh for the rest of us!
houtxpilot 1
I'll stick to always getting to deviate around them in my lil Airbus 320.
Nader Anis 1
Klemons 1
Wow indeed
Already posted!!!
Interesting how nobody mention that the kids was black. This airport is surrounded by miles by black neighborhoods, and now every one is sticking their heads into the sand and pretend they don't see anything. This by the way was bought up by my very good friend that I have know since we where both juniors in college over 45yrs ago. And yes, he is black and I am white. Together his family and I have done a lot of flying together and he just wonder out loud to me as to why? I don't know? Do you? We both agree the kid has to be one of the dumbest kid around. O well, maybe it is best left alone.
tony boyd 2
whats race have to do with this?
slgordon3 1
I was just assuming--given the kid's name, where he's from, and where the incident happened--that he is black. But i think the story is ridiculous and hilarious no matter what race this idiot is. I do agree with you that we play a big game of pretend in this country that no one cares about or notices the person's race in situations like these.
Jack Ciesinski 0
Ric Wernicke -9
From the story:

"...stopped from going anywhere by a chain connecting the plane to the tarmac."

This is California. We have no tarmac. We have no British items like lorry, lift, or a woman at a hotel that "knocks you up in the morning."

We do have runways, taxi ways, aprons, and ramps. They are mostly concrete or asphalt.

Good journalists know to use the correct name for parts of an airport, and not a British trademark for a paving compound.
indy2001 3
You need to get out of California and see the rest of the country, if not the world. One of the local airports here in Indiana has a prominent sign about "Tarmac Policies" that you can't miss as you leave the FBO office. We all know what it refers to. Regionalisms abound throughout America, so making such haughty generalizations about the entire country is ridiculous. And if you've been to the UK recently, you'll find that their language is (unfortunately) becoming more Americanized all the time, and I wish it would stop. We recently rented an apartment in Edinburgh instead of a flat, and we used an elevator instead of a lift to get to our rooms.
eagle5719 1
Don't forget about the "boots and bonnets" alias hoods and trunks - lol
Ric Wernicke 0
Actually indy I am one of the few that has stood on all seven continents, attended six county fairs and a Mongolian Yak festival. I get out often enough. Your FBO has a very funny sign. The Americans and the British are two cultures separted by a common language, and I wrote the post to give a laugh and goof on my friends at ABC7 who authored the piece.
chalet 0
TAR is something you know specially of you smoke, MAC stands for McAdams invention of crushed stone to various sizes. Now this lager out should have never entered a verbotten territry lest risking Bobbies carrying him to an environment cloased out by heavy iron. Alrighty Old Chap.
slgordon3 1


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