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No More Elite and First Class Airport Security Lanes?

Legislation is being considered that would end the perk first class and airline elite passengers enjoy today — preferred security lines at airports nationwide. ( More...

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Fred White 4
This is the crap our elected officials are concerning themselves with these days? I can think of MANY other pressing topics that could use their attention.
richard weiss 4
Perhaps Ben Nelson should write legislation restricting the use of premium lines at Disney World too. How about passing a law that Night clubs can't select people out of the waiting line for admission, and bypass others who have waited longer. Yeah we'll make it a fair world by writing more laws. Give me a break.
Mark Duell 1
Disney and night clubs don't have federally funded screening.
richard weiss 2
If you look at your ticket, the price of security is paid by YOU. Just because we send it to Washington, doesn't mean you aren't paying it. So, it's your money, not federal money that pays the freight every time you submit to a federal groping
Mark Duell 0
Only partially, even after the tripling of the 9/11 fee that's coming over the next few years.
richard weiss 2
It's still your money.
Mark Duell 2
The same crowd will mostly get Global Entry and use PreCheck.
indy2001 1
Last month we flew first class on AA out of KLAX. While we got in the Preferred security line, they asked us if we were in the PreCheck program. The vast majority of people in the Preferred line were not, and many knew nothing about it.
gary stevens 2
How about the increasing numbers who demand preboarding for handicaps, that seem to disappear by the time the flight lands? Some perk. Getting to the head of a line to go through a virtual strip search. I want safety as much as the next person, but I can't ever remember TSA catching a terrorist in an airport. I seem to recall the underwear guy, and the shoe bomber, who were responsible for the liquid limit, and shoe removal, were both onboard (albeit, having boarded overseas, but screened under TSA guideline). Incidentally, I think TSA agreed to the shortcut lines because they consist of folks who move through faster, which benefits all.
Scott Campbell 2
Except the TSA can process more frequent fliers more efficiently, and that it actually saves time and tax dollars. Mr Nelson has no real clue except some complainers who wrote letters about fairness, well folks life still isn't fair or i'd have my own jet and not care also.
The lines move faster because the flyers are more experieneced and cause less delays etc etc etc. Leaving more agents to do more with the masses.
Bob Nelson probably thinks everyone should be upraded too making the airlines FAIR!
There is a valid reason i get prefeered treatment on an airline and at hotels and with rental cars, I SPEND MORE!!! and the dont give things away because the like to, it makes good business sense and promotes loyalty and more $$$$$$$$$$$.

WHAT NEXT..........
eddyandy 2
Ben Nelson, just another "equal rights" liberal.
dbaker 2
I was under the (false?) impression that airlines pay extra for those lines, similar to Fast Track in the UK.
larry clement 1
I'll bet Ben Nelson agreed with Barney Frank a few years ago when he insisted that everyone deserved to own a house- regardless of whether or not they could afford it, or had good credit. Look where that got us .If people want to pay substantially more than others to fly on the same plane, let them use a different security line.If they weren't paying more for tickets, the coach passengers would have to pay more.
Scott Campbell 1
All suspects are guilty until proven innocent?? Isn't that the TSA motto?
JetMech24 1
And the American way.
pilot0987 0
haha nice
Fixing the entire system would be a better option. Like using the same system they use on trains, buses, cruise ships, lol.
Michael Hill -6
I think anyone buying their way through security is being pandered to by the airlines and government. This certainly is not fair to the infrequent traveler.
richard weiss 3
whaa. Life is just not fair Michael. Suck it up and march on
JetMech24 3
Exactly, stand inline with everyone else and quit whinning.


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