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F-35 Flight Test, Progress Reports

FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Lockheed Martin's [NYSE: LMT] F-35 program continues to build on its 2011 flight test success. For 2012, the baseline F-35 System Development and Demonstration (SDD) flight test plan calls for the accumulation of 1,001 test flights and 7,873 test points. However, growth in test point requirements throughout the year is anticipated, and the plan will be adjusted as needed. ( Más...

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Ted Liversidge 2
Sure sounds like a press release from a company that has a history of blowing smoke in one's ear while jacking the price. How about the frame problems on the "B" and the short tail hook on the "C" to point out a only a couple problems. The few "A" models the Air Force have received need so many modifications that they may end up in court to see who is going to pay the hugh bill!.

Meanwhile, the production of the "B" for the USMC has been cut back to 4 per year! How long will that take to replace their wore out Harriers that are flying on used parts from the UK?
I hope the F35 works out, otherwise it's just another billion dollar boondoggle. The USAF is ditching their ugly step-child, the A-10 Warthog, in order to fund the F-35. I guess they have yet to learn the CAS lessons of WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, or the War in Afghanistan.
You would think they would have learned from the first war in Irag.Those guys flew 12+ hours a day.Who or what is going to take up the slack.F-15 ef's and Super Hornets with smart weapons.Shells are surely cheaper than smart bombs.Plus on top of that so would operating cost per hour.Gotta love the A-10, even if it is ugly.
Is the price up to a Billion Dollars each yet?
Manuel Cruz 2
I Agree w/MikeS, When I Explained to my nephews , who are in the military, (I learned first hand, fueling the the radar station on Monkey Mtn, RVN, & the Philco-Ford reps getting 1500/wk), Why the NY Giants got a parade and returning Vets from Iraq & Afganistan did not,....Capitalism vs Patriotism, you can look it up.....
Toby Sharp 1
Toby Sharp 1
Money makes the Monkey Dance
99NY 2
Say fellas, hows working coming on that nagging "carrier variant can't land on carriers" problem?
Minor detail :)
Aaron Donnelly 1
Another billion will fix that little problem.
From what I have read on because of this the program is in serious danger.Sad to see these carrier problems and now the problems with the helmet.Seems we haven't made it to the Star Trek era just quite yet.One can only hope it works out soon.The Brits are really concerned because their new carriers will be built around having the F-35.
chalet 2
@ Robert Harrington the prices that you are discussing must not be for the sole plane, they should include traning, maintenance, spare parts, etc. during their "lifetime cycle" that is until they are sent out to the Davis Montham AFB boneyard. What is surprising is the apparent switch of stances by Sec. DOD Panetta and some officials who claimed that the F-35 did not meet performance goals and that there were some issues to be ironed out leading to think that this program could be killed. When the reduction of the USAF fleets were announced, he actually praised the F-35. Go figure.
chalet 1
So far the unit price has gone up from $ 65 million at the time the contract was signed to about $ 110 million. With the new extended delivery schedule and reduced number of planes to be bought, not to mention the various (hope that they are not that serious) technical glitches you can safely say that the cost is going to be $ 140 million. Hell, that is quite a chunk of change for one single plane?. In the meantime the manufacturer Lockheed Martin is laughing all the way to the bank, they and any defense contractor never lose money, all cost overruns comes out of the national treasury.
Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

"... In February 2011, the Pentagon put a price of $207.6 million for each of the 32 aircraft to be acquired in FY2012, rising to $304.15 million ($9,732.8/32) if its share of RDT&E spending is included.[15][16]..."

"...In January 2011 Defense Secretary Robert Gates expressed the Pentagon's frustration with the skyrocketing costs of the F-35 program when he said "The culture of endless money that has taken hold must be replaced by a culture of restraint." Focusing his attention on the troubled VTOL F-35B Gates ordered "a two-year probation", saying it "should be canceled" if corrections are unsuccessful.[67] However, Gates has stated his support for the program.[68] Some private analysts, such as Richard Aboulafia, of the Teal Group state that the whole F-35 program is becoming a money pit.[67] However, on 20 January 2012 Gates' successor, Leon Panetta, lifted the F-35B's probation, stating "The STOVL variant has made — I believe and all of us believe — sufficient progress."
We have 187 5th Generation fighters (F-22 Raptors)
They are the ONLY 5th gen in the world.
We Are Broke!!!!!
DO YOU NEED $300 million F-35's????
chalet 1
No, but Lockheed Martin does.


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