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Airbus Invents Downward-Facing Winglet

Airbus has filed a patent for this downward-facing winglet device... (Images) ( Más...

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pilot0987 0
Pretty sure I have seen these on a Cessna aircraft but obviously a little smaller in scale.
lsh2429516 0
Well, Cessna 172s have downward facing wingtip, some gliders have those as well but unlike Cessna and some gliders, none of those looks like the one the Airbus designed. It looks like B737 winglet faced downward.
linbb 0
The Cessna ones were for looks the only thing it added we found was wing area. We used honer style and found they worked better at Robertson STOL years ago. No one had thought of the winglet style then.
canuck44 0
I would suspect the guys at Aviation Partners and Boeing itself had already looked at that configuration at least on computer models and discarded the concept in favor of the blended will be fun to watch whether it works or not and if any patent is challenged.
shawn white 0
I used to make paper airplanes and to make them look cooler than my friend's, I made downward facing winglets. I should have gone to patent it earlier...
concord977 0
If these are actually implemented, I wonder how long it will take for the first one to be taken out by a baggage or catering truck.
raptor22ms 0
Funny how they flip a winglet upside down and patent it. Considering they are in a legal battle over regular winglets with Boeing. They are really desperate to get something to help the fuel burn on the A321 NEO. & Concord977 I agree its only a matter of time before someone takes a nice chunk out of one of them.
Roland Dent 0
Did ya see how that AF A388 spun round an RJ at JFK? French are big on design..the trouble is the rest of us ain't.
Pileits 0
Like French cars Airbus aircraft are AWFUL.
Roland Dent 0
French tools are fabulous. French are pretty good engineers...would rather have a French car than a German product anyday.
alistairm 0
You do realize that Germany plays a huge role in EADS?? Also, i don't see to many French cars, luxury or otherwise, on the road compared to German automobiles.
Roland Dent 0
Alistair: Oh yeah..haha..I know Germany well...ahem. German engineering..oh yeah ..yup. In France you see lots of French products. The Germans have done very well in mopping up almost all of the manufacturing business at the clunky end of consumer goods very well here in Europe. I am surprised LHT has not ripped out those joy sticks on the AB products..I remember well when they ripped out the Microsoft FMS systems on B products. Think they replaced a lot with their own software and Siemens/VDO stuff. Apart from domestic washing machines you don't see too many "hands on" engineers using German made vehicles for anything other than trucking or goods handling. Management and academics buy 'em of course.
Keith Arnold 0
Airbus wings designed at Bristol England.
A300/330/340/380 and 350 series wings made at Broughton North Wales.
A400M wings made at Bristol.
All UK.
Our wings are OK.
So there.
Keith Arnold 0
Plus lots of design activity at Wichita.
Pretty sure the new winglet is computer controlled. If you make a mistake on the computer switches it does snap rolls till the wing breaks off. Better study that manual.
Roland Dent 0
The paper airplanes I used to fold out as a child all had winglets as I remember. If they really wanted something to shout about then why not make these winglets dynamic on motorised slides, in out and all about. Maybe they could wire the thing upto that little stick they use to steer etc...anything is possible. They could even have it that the sticks on each side were independent enabling maximum CRM. Totally dynamic and super sterile.
canuck44 0
Interesting that they choose to patent a design while at the same time challenging Aviation Partners and Boeing for obtaining and enforcing the same type of patent of the blended winglet. Will be interesting to read their submissions to the Texas court when they try to overturn the APB patents.
Wingscrubber 0
You must live in the US. French cars are practically non existant here - go to Europe and count how many people are driving Citroens, Renaults and Peugots, and not just in France. They're actually quite good, but for whatever reason have a hard time being imported into the US.
sparkie624 0
This isn't new... Look at the SeaWind. They have had this (or similiar) for quite a long time. See:


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