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Airplane Slides Off Ft Lauderdale Runway After Emergency Return To Airport

According to the FAA and Airport spokesperson, a Cessna Citation jet declared an emergency immediately after takeoff and returned to the airport to make an emergency landing when it slide off the runway.... ( Más...

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Juan Plaza 0
I went to FXE yesterday to have a closer look and the security cameras at Banyan caught the entire crash. The reasons why it happened are not clear yet, but one thing is for sure, they took off from 26 and immediately after t/o the airplane began shaking violently (I heard from one of the passengers) and the pilots turned right and did a full circle to land at 13, missing the Banyan building by a few yards, landing on the grass and then skidding all the way to the fence, again missing all the Cirrus of Platinum Aviation by a few feet. There are rumors that the pilots had very little experience in this specific Citation model, but only the preliminary NTSB report will shed some light. The fact that they landed and no one was hurt is a testament to their skills.
Brian Bishop 0
Based on Bruce's comments and the fact that all aboard are safe, gotta give a HUGE hat's off to the pilots for getting her back on the ground. Awesome job.

As they say, "any landing you walk away from....."
Wingscrubber 0
Brilliant job by the pilots, and the aircraft might even be repairable, or even if it's a write-off, everybody walked away. Would love to know what was wrong with the airplane, based on Bruce's description, maybe a flight control problem?
Pileits 0
Wait a year till the NTSB final report comes out, then you will have the REAL information on which you can base your comments.
Jason Rhew 0
I was standing about 60 yards away when he hit the dirt, I also had to scream at the security truck parked on B2 to get his ass down there and help!
jhakunti 0
The erratic flying that resulted in the emergency landing could have been induced by the pilot's improper weight and balance. Therefore it is too soon to say good job to the pilots. Being a good airman takes more than just flying skill.
Walter Ferguson 0
Yeah, and it could have been induced by fighting off the gravitational effects of a UFO....come on Jayden, who pissed in your cheerios?? Based on the skimpy empirical data so far, give the pilots some credit that whether it was flight control, engine loss, W&B or UFO issues, they did a helluva job getting her on the ground with no one injured. You don't know, none of us know the facts yet. If you have a negative bent as you seem to have, you can come up with a lot of negative woulda, coulda, shouldas. Pilot interviews, CVR and the NTSB investigation will tell.
Jim DeTour 0
Looking at a picture of the plane on the ground the the rudder is setup for going right. I wonder if a breaker tripped then guys were unfamiliar. Natural instinct tells me weight & balance stuck behind the power curve. Things like great deals on expensive italian tiles draws some into big trouble.
Jason Rhew 0
the aircraft departed 26 and landed half way down 13 in the grass, it wasn't a weight and balance issue.

I thought it was going to take out the entire flight line at Banyon AND hit me, I was standing 60 yards away when he hit the ground LEFT WING low, he almost caught the wing tip, that would have made it MUCH worse.

@Jayden- are you typed in the C650? Pretty sure it's almost impossable to get that jet out of balance.
Harold Laudien 0
Possible fuel imbalance?
Chuck Me 0
I believe it is N877G
Troy Raiteri 0
I'm gonna try to go over to LiveATC and see if I can confirm that for ya.
Troy Raiteri 0
It might be it! N877G never took off but it was the only Citation that never did take off. Hmm yep must be 77G FXE tower sounded funny like something was up but I did not hear the maday contact but there were a lot of helicopters (possible news choppers?) hovering 400 - 500 ft.
Matthew Unger 0
FXE has a lot of helicopter training outfits there. Likely Robinson R-22s and R-44s.
keith peers 0
The pilots are good at the job.
Andrea Bahr 0
The aircraft came down fast and hard next to the runway in the grass. It was N877G, I witnessed the entire event. Aircraft wanted to roll right immediately after takeoff, the crew struggled to keep it level as it went on a 6 mile right turn at 400 feet at full power. They never had time to raise the gear or drop the throttles while fighting to keep it level. Amazing they made it back to the airport. They did a good job, missing our front line full of fueled aircraft by about 50 feet at the last second.
Jason Rhew 0
Hey Bruce- I was standing 60 yards away from were he hit! then you and I talked about it!!
Kingair31 0
Thanks for the insight Bruce.....awful feeling to watch that I'm sure, just happy they walked and nobody hurt on the ground!
Brian Bishop 0
Must've been an aweful feeling Bruce, watching and being totally helpless to do anything.
MimosaDrive 0


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