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Firehose Documentation Center

Revision History and Version

  • Version 20.0 (January 2020)
    • Add new surface message type (near_surface_position), and new airborne message types (surface_onblock, surface_offblock, poweron). (approved users only)
  • Version 19.0 (October 2019)
    • Add two new surface message types (location_entry, location_exit). (approved users only)
    • Modifies the existing ground_position and vehicle_position messages to replace the airport_location and airport_location_id fields with a new airport_locations field that is a JSON array of structures. (approved users only)
  • Version 18.0 (September 2019)
    • Rename computed_eta field in flightplan messages to predicted_on and remove computed_eta_source field. (approved users only)
    • Add predicted_off field to flightplan messages. (approved users only)
    • Add predicted_out/predicted_in fields to extendedFlightInfo messages. (approved users only)
  • Version 17.0 (August 2019)
    • Add polygon filtering support for firehose messages.
  • Version 16.0 (July 2019)
    • Add CSI information to position messages. (approved users only)
  • Version 15.0 (February 2019)
    • Add weather information to position and ground_position messages. (approved users only)
  • Version 14.0 (January 2019)
    • Add ADS-B integrity and accuracy category information (NIC/NAC/SIL) to position and ground_position messages. (approved users only)
  • Version 13.0 (October 2018)
    • If a user does not have access to any airborne data and doesn't specify an alternate event, an error is raised
    • The heading field is emitted only for air positions, ground positions, and wxstream data
    • Add additional fields (on_runway, layer, airport_location, airport_location_id) for vehicle and ground position messages
  • Version 12.0 (July 2018)
    • Add fmswx message type which contains weather and FMS extended information for a flight. (approved users only)
  • Version 11.0 (May 11, 2018)
    • Add extendedFlightInfo message type which contains block, gate, terminal, and baggage information for a flight. (approved users only)
    • Add Predicted ETA (computed_eta) fields to flightplan message. (approved users only)
  • Version 10.0 (April 5, 2018)
    • With deployment of this version, a significant backend rewrite has occurred providing significant replay speed improvements. Although best efforts have been made to ensure close backwards compatiblity when requesting older version numbers, there may be subtle, unavoidable server differences.
    • The opaque data format used by the "facility_hash" member has changed starting with version 10.0, making comparison of values retrieved from earlier versions incomparable. Applications that depend on comparing saved data that use the older format of this field are recommended to request version 9.0 or lower when connecting.
    • The "cancellation" message has a new optional "trueCancel" field when requesting version 10.0 or higher, indicating that confirmed flight cancellation was received from the airline, rather than a presumed cancellation due to expiration or lack of data.
    • When specifying an ending epoch timestamp with the "range" command, you will now receive all messages that match the final timestamp rather than just the first matching message.
    • Add fmswx message type which contains weather and FMS extended information for a flight. (The "filter" command may potentially match flights that have a non-US aircraft registration that happens to match the first 3 characters of the requested airline codes. users only)
    • Server improvements to obfuscated access to blocked flights allows users with that privilege to see more blocked flights than before.
  • Version 9.0 (August 9, 2017)
    • add support for near-airport ASDE-X radar airborne "position" message types (updateType = "X"), approved users only. These ASDE-X positions will also be remapped to and combined with updateType = "Z" in earlier versions when available.
  • Version 8.0 (February 13, 2017)
    • add surface movement support by adding new "ground_position" and "vehicle_position" message types (updateType = "X" or updateType = "A"), approved users only.
    • add support for receiving obfuscated data on blocked aircraft, approved users only.
    • add "keepalive" command to allow periodic heartbeat/progress messages to be transmitted, useful when requesting very specific filters that produce low-traffic volume.
    • (April 9, 2017) add "strict_unblocking" command to simplify requesting only aircraft belonging to a FlightAware Global account.
    • (July 27, 2017) add "ratelimit_secs_between" command to allow rate limiting of positions per aircraft.
    • (August 9, 2017) add support for space-based ADS-B airborne "position" message types (updateType = "S"), approved users only.
  • Version 7.0 (June 2016)
    • add "compression" command to allow streamed responses to use data compression, useful for lower-bandwidth connections.
    • add support for "onblock" and "offblock" events, approved users only.
    • add support for "positions" from MLAT sources (updateType = "M"), approved users only.
    • add support for datalink sources (updateType = "D"), approved users only.
    • fields with blank values will now be omitted.
    • flight "id" (faFlightID) field now omits the colon and fork identifier suffix.
    • add support for receiving data on blocked aircraft, for customers with FlightAware Global accounts.
  • Version 6.0 (February 2016)
    • add "pitr" element to all messages, for use with resuming via the "pitr" (point in time recovery) initiation command
    • add "fdt" (filed departure time) element to flightplan messages
  • Version 5.0 (August 2015)
    • add airport_filter command to match origin/destination
    • add support for multiple latlon boxes
    • make successful latlon matches trigger matching for further messages from that same flight_id
    • make expression matching use logical-OR when multiple are specified
    • add facility_hash/facility_name to JSON messages.
    • increase maximum initiation command length to 5120
    • add command aliases for "latlon vs latlong" and "filter vs airline_filter"
  • Version 4.0 - Adds hexid attribute
  • Version 3.0 - Adds squawk attribute
  • Version 2.0 - Lat/lon and waypoints are truncated to 5 digits of decimal precision
  • Version 1.0 - Initial release


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