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Airbus A320neo Receives Joint EASA and FAA Type Certification Clearing the Way for Delivery

The Airbus A320neo has received today the joint Type Certification from EASA and the FAA, clearing the path for the deliveries to its customers, which will begin later this month to launch customer Qatar Airways. ( Más...

Airbus Flies Diesel-powered H120 Light Single

Airbus Helicopters is flying an H120 powered by a diesel engine in place of its usual Turbomeca Arrius 2F turboshaft. The main benefit of the effort, part of Europe’s Clean Sky joint technology initiative, is expected to be significantly lower fuel consumption. ( Más...

Tour a $53 million dollar private jet

To step inside the Embraer Lineage 1000E is to enter a world of among the finest amenities money can buy—and the Federal Aviation Administration will allow. At $53 million, this private jet—which was unveiled earlier this year at Geneva’s annual EBACE—is for those who are accustomed to getting most anything they want. Taming the endless expectations of his clients is just one part of Jay Beever’s job as the vice president of interior design for Embraer Executive Jets. “I’ve been asked to add a… ( Más...

Delta Will Not Mothball Boeing 757s in Favor of New 737-900ERs

Delta cancels 737 order and is in the hunt for a 757 replacement. ( Más...

Air New Zealand launches 'Airband' wearable tech to track unaccompanied kids

Putting your young child on a flight alone, whether to visit your ex or the grandparents is naturally a highly stressful experience as a parent. Even if your child has a mobile phone, he or she may get distracted and fail to check in with you throughout the journey. Enter Air New Zealand's new "Airband". Children travelling alone on the airline will now receive one of the wrist bands at check-in as part of the service. It is embedded with a chip that is scanned at key stages of the… ( Más...

Blue Origin rocket makes historic vertical landing

Watch as the Blue Origin rocket makes the first vertical landing. ( Más...

Squawking 7700—In-flight Emergencies from a Pilot’s Perspective

We track hundreds of thousands of flights every day and invariably a few will declare an emergency and possibly “squawk 7700” during the day. This common occurrence often leads to numerous questions about what the flight is doing and why. We field many inquiries each time a flight declares an emergency, so we spoke with pilot Ken Hoke to understand more about what is happening on the flight deck during an emergency situation. Captain Hoke is a Boeing 757/767 captain for a package express airline… ( Más...


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