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Images from MAKS 2015

Images from the MAKS 2015 Airshow in Moscow, Zhukovsky (www.aviationanalysis.net) Más...

Unconfirmed midair between Piper Navajo and unidentified RPA

The unconfirmed report is that a “company survey” aircraft impacted a small UAS at 2,500 feet near Lewis University (KLOT) Illinois on August 27, 2015 causing damage to the leading edge of the manned aircraft wing. (airsoc.com) Más...

Video: NASA simulates a severe but survivable plane accident

A single engine Cessna 172 plane was dropped to the ground from 100 feet on Wednesday at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., in an effort to help search and rescuers save more lives. (www.youtube.com) Más...

Edelweiss Air leasing 3 A340's in 2017

"Swiss International airlines" low cost daughter airline "Edelweiss Air" will be taking delivery of 3 used Airbus A340-300's beginning in 2017. The quad jets will be former "Swiss international airlines" models which the mother company replaces with Boeing 777-300er's beginning in 2016. Edelweiss Air will re-design the cabin and install more economy seats. The company will also need up to 100 new pilots and 400 flight attendants to operate the larger long-haul… (www.ch-aviation.com) Más...


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